The Carddass Club is the version of the Budokai Card Club geared towards retailers. We offer tournament managing support and store decoration services for those who register!

Things you can do in the Carddass Club:

  • 1) Apply to Hold Official Tournaments
  • 2) Apply to Purchase Official Tournament Kits
  • 3) Register your Store for Judge Support
  • 4) Download Sales Promotion Items
  • 5) Apply for Misc. Campaigns
  • 6) The TCG Meister Tournament Management Software is Now Free!

*The Carddass Club is a website for retailers only.

First, you should register!

Check here and register our card club!!

Apply to hold an official tournament, and get the various prizes for the tournament.

<Tournament Overview>

  • Series Tournament
  • Pre release Tournament
  • Limited Tournament(Sealed Tournament)
Apply to Hold Official Tournaments

*This is only a small example.

Event info

Here‘s how to purchase Series Tournament kits.

<About Series Tournament Kit>

It is a tournament kit made for holding Tournaments for a specific Series.
Only those who register on the Carddass Club can get Series Tournament Kits from our distributors.

Apply to Purchase Official Tournament Kits
Here‘s how to purchase Series Register to the Judge Support Store, and get in contact with a Judge for your tournaments.

<Judge Sponsored>

  • Judge Sponsored Demo Day
Register your Store for Judge Support
  • *This is just an example.
  • *Judge Sponsored Tournaments occur at stores registered in the Carddass Club.

In order to contact a Judge, please register to the Judge Support Store.

We will occasionally offer downloadable content on the Carddass Club website!

<Content Overview>

  • TCG Meister
  • POP for Sales Promotion

*This is just an example.

There will be plenty of campaigns for BCC members!

<Campaigns Overview>

  • Free Demo Deck Campaigns
  • Store Decoration Month
Special Campaigns

*This is only an example.

TCG Meister software is available for free to all registered stores.

<With TCG Meister you can:>

  • - Register Tournament Participants (BCC ID)
  • - Automate Player Matchups
  • - Enter Tournament Results
  • - Send Final Results to Bandai
TCG Meister

Note: All fees associated with data transfer are paid by stores.


Carddass Club is here!!