AnnouncementImportant Announcement for Players in Latin America

Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game went on sale in North America, Oceania, and Asia in July, 2017, with official releases in Latin America beginning in January, 2018.

Because of differences in initial product releases, each country has its own product announcement schedule.

We created appropriate product schedules for each country, but many players have asked for more up-to-date product release information.

With that in mind, here’s the upcoming product release schedule for Latin America.

As of July, 2018, Series 3 is the latest series available in Latin America. Series 4 is releasing in July in America, Oceania, and Asia, with a planned release in Latin America in September.

The release date for Series 4 differs between regions, but to ensure players enjoy their experience with each series, a short period of time was placed between Series 3 and 4.

Additionally, Series 5 is planned for release in November, and serves as the start of a new block, following up Series 3 and 4’s Over Realm Block. With lots of fun new gimmicks and mechanics to play with, we believe this is the ideal timing to release the series so that both new players and veterans can enjoy the game like never before.

From Series 5 onwards, we're planning to release the Latin American version during the same month as the America/Oceania/Asia version.

We know you want information as soon as possible, which is why we chose to release this statement now.

We’re working hard to make sure that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game can be enjoyed by both Dragon Ball fans and card game players alike. Thank you again for your continued support.

July 18, 2018
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team