Dragon Ball Super Card Game is looking for tournament organizers to hold DBSCG tournaments and demo events. Tournament organizers receive the following support from Bandai:

Premium Tournament Organizers
  • - Premium Tournament Organizers are first selected by Bandai.
  • - Bandai can assist Premium Tournament Organizers run large-scale events by providing the necessary budget, prizes, etc.
  • * After selection by Bandai, organizers must sign Bandai's Premium Tournament Organizer Contract.
Official DBSCG Tournament Organizers
  • - Organizers can receive prizes from Bandai for holding independent DBSCG events.
    (* Normally Bandai does not provide budgetary assistance at this level. However, Bandai will provide additional prizing from a pool of past prizes pending a consultation from an organizer.)
  • - Organizers can have Bandai send out notifications about the above events.
  • * In order to become an Official Tournament Organizer, potential organizers must read and agree to the Official DBSCG TO Policy.
  • - The above-mentioned consultation needs to be started by the organizer.
  • - There is a chance Bandai will refuse an Official Tournament Organizer application.