Unison Warrior Series Pre-release

Promotional Materials

While there will be no pre-release events held for UW01 due to the ongoing health concerns regarding Covid-19, we're very excited to supply pre-release kits to friendly local gaming stores!
Stores that have registered beforehand will receive kits and product to sell 1 week prior to the release date.
The following guidelines are created for stores to follow:

  • 1. We recommend stores to give out participation promo prizes with every six booster packs purchased. We recommend limiting this to 1 per player to avoid disappointment.
  • 2. Each kit also includes winner prizes. We recommend the store either:
  • a) use this prize as a random lucky prize for a player that purchases six booster packs. Further purchases (starter decks, booster boxes) may allow additional entries.
    We ask stores to double check their local regulations to make sure this giveaway is permitted in their state / territory.
  • b) to use this prize for a future tournament once events are allowed back in-store.

Please consult your local gaming store for details.

Players who purchase 1 booster box during the pre-release period will receive 1 additional pre-release pack!

Each UW01 Pre-release Promo Pack includes 2 cards.

Pre-release Kit
  • - Reboot Goku Leader Card (Foil) x8
  • - Goku Black Unison Card (Foil) x8
  • - Pre-release Pack x8 (2 cards per pack)
Top 1/8:
  • - Full Art Version Reboot Goku Leader Card (Foil) x1
  • - Full Art Version Goku Black Unison Card (Foil) x1


*Purchase limits will apply. Stocks are limited. Please confirm with your local gaming store in advance.


July 10

Stores that have Received Promotional Materials
United States
  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.
  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.