Draft Box 05 -Divine Multiverse-

Draft Box 05 -Divine Multiverse-

Greetings, DBSCG players! We’re here today with information about the new Draft Box 05 -Divine Multiverse- coming in March!

Much like Draft Box 04 -Dragon Brawl-, we’ve created this new set to deliver the best draft experience possible!

Last time, we had a mix of new cards and reprints, but players overwhelmingly said they would have preferred a set of all new cards. We got the message, and are happy to report the new set features 177 all new cards!

Divine Multiverse was designed to be the ultimate draft set, and we hope you enjoy drafting it as much as we enjoyed making it!

As you might have guessed from the name, Divine Multiverse focuses on godly battles between the deities of each universe during the Tournament of Power!

We’ve included plenty of support for decks that haven’t seen new cards since Theme Booster 01 -The Tournament Of Power-, helping fans power up their favorite universes!

Again, these cards were all designed with drafting in mind, so be on the lookout for unique deck archetypes -- including a four-color deck!
Without further ado, let’s take a peek at cards from each color!

Red has a strong 《Universe 4》 theme, which can be used with skill-less cards!

{DB2-031 Universe 4, Assemble!} is an extremely powerful card that gives you 2 skill-less Battle Cards for 1 energy, powering your early game offensive. If your opponent is lucky enough to fend them off, {DB2-013 Kuru, Proud Supremacy} will get them back in your hand to keep the party going!

Once you find yourself with a squad of inexpensive, skill-less Battle Cards in play, it’s time to bring out {DB2-020 Mirage Maker Shantza}, netting you extra attacks from your 1 cost beaters and keeping up the pressure.

After a few turns, you’ll probably have plenty of skill-less cards clogging up your Drop Area. That’s where {DB2-011 Ganos, Bird of Prey} comes in. It already has [Double Strike], which is pretty strong on its own. Send 2 skill-less Battle Cards from your Drop Area to your Warp, however, and you can switch him to Active Mode as many times as you need, making him a potentially game-ending threat. You can even use {DB2-028 Pride Collective Kettol}’s skill to place more skill-less Battle Cards in your Drop Area for free, fueling extra attacks!

This time around, blue revolves around 《Universe 10》 cards that manipulate the top card of your opponent’s deck.

{DB2-064 Universe 10, Assemble!} is a powerful 《Universe 10》 support card. For 1 energy, you get to negate an attack, set up the top card of your opponent’s deck, AND play a 2 cost 《Universe 10》 card from your hand. Play {DB2-048 Lilibeu, Wings of Fortune} off of it, and you can use its effect to bounce one of your opponent’s Battle Cards back to their hand -- a very potent combo.

{DB2-046 Obuni, Afterimage Slash} works well with 《Universe 10》 strategies, and also works wonders for existing decks. The three 15000-power tokens Obuni creates prevent him from being KO’d, but that’s only the beginning. Use a card like {DB2-064 Universe 10, Assemble!} to arrange the top of your opponent’s deck to your liking, then use Obuni’s skill to give yourself extra energy during your opponent’s next turn. You can use that energy for {DB2-063 Internal Energy Shift}to negate an attack and potentially fuel even more plays!

Blue isn’t just about 《Universe 10》. There are plenty of versatile power cards in the color as well, like {DB2-034 Master Roshi, Maximum Muscle}, and {DB2-040 Hit, Deadly Vanguard}! Be sure to grab these bad boys if you come across them at the drafting table!

Green contains many stalwart heroes who keep fighting the good fight even when their allies fall in battle! Or, in game terms, 《Universe 2》 cards that replace themselves when they go to the Drop Area.

For example, {DB2-073 Kakunsa, Maiden Might} plays a card with an energy cost lower than itself when she’s KO’d or removed from your Battle Area by an opponent’s skill. The card played has its skills negated for the turn, making it a perfect fit for delayed-impact cards like {DB2-077 Su Roas, Maiden Augment}.

Need a card with a particular energy cost in your Drop Area to play via one of your cards’ skills? Look no further than {DB2-095 Universe 2, Assemble!}, which gives you both draw power and the ability to place a 《Universe 2》 card of your choice in your Drop Area. You can also try searching out cards like {DB2-069 Ribrianne, Punishing Passion} with Drop Area-specific activations. Combine her with {DB2-082 Rabanra, Maiden Devotee} for a powerful green discard synergy!

Towards the end of the game, {DB2-068 Ribrianne, Avatar of Affection} can help you push for the win. This finisher has one of the more powerful skills in the game, KOing all of your opponent’s cards when she’s played--including those pesky ones with [Barrier]. She also defends you for a turn, keeping you alive until you have a chance to strike back.

Yellow is all about 《Universe 9》 cards that lock your opponent down by switching their Battle Cards and energy to Rest Mode.

If you find yourself up against someone with a 《Universe 9》 deck, we recommend not using all of your energy each turn. Why’s that, you ask? Because they have access to the bombshell that is {DB2-127 Universe 9, Assemble!}, which allows them to draw 2 cards and play 2 《Universe 9》 cards with energy costs of 2. The trick is that they only get the full effect if all of your energy is in Rest Mode. They’re probably going to play cards like {DB2-119 Chappil the Iron Drake} and {DB2-122 Roh, Brash Supremacy} if they get the full suite, which will help them set up another round of {DB2-127 Universe 9, Assemble!}—something you definitely want to prevent.

If you don’t prevent the above scenario, and all of your energy gets switched to Rest Mode? It only gets worse from there. {DB2-109 Bergamo, Lupine Predator}’s energy cost gets cheaper when all of your energy is in Rest Mode, and can switch all of your Battle Cards to Rest Mode and keep them that way for a full turn. That’s all in addition to being a 25000-power [Triple Attack] beater capable of ruining anyone’s day.

This next card is among the strongest 1-energy cards in the game. While {DB2-109 Bergamo, Lupine Predator} checks to see if all of your opponent’s energy is in Rest Mode, this powerhouse doesn’t care what type of card is in Rest Mode as long as there’s five of them. So fulfilling the condition to use its [Activate : Main] skill to give it 19000 power and [Dual Attack] is pretty easy.

Black has an interesting 《Universe 7》 strategy that truly comes alive when paired with cards of the other four colors.

This Vegeta has both [Double Strike] and [Dual Attack], so you could easily end the game with him on his own. One of his skills allows him to be played for 4 energy. Use {BT2-001 Fusion Warrior Super Saiyan Vegito} as your Leader Card, and that skill becomes much easier to use without having to build your deck around it.

{DB2-131 Son Goku, Strength of Legends} gains three powerful Keyword Skills when you have energy of every color, and is another potential game-ender. However, unlike the previous Vegeta card, you can play him for free if you have cards of each color in your Drop Area. Use [Burst] skills on cards like {DB2-132 Saiyan Shield Son Gohan}, and you’ll be there in no time.

Draft Box 05 also includes a powerful new card for [Invoker] decks.

Up until now, [Invoker] decks have made use of {BT9-108 Tyranny's Cost} for draw power. Draft Box 05 introduces {DB2-165 Sleepy Boy Technique}, allowing you to stop an opponent’s attack, draw 2 cards, and get rid of one of your opponent’s threats in one fell swoop.

Destroyer & Angel Rares

The Campaign Rares for this set feature the Gods of Destruction and Angels from each universe! The art on all the cards connects together -- collect them all, and witness the divine splendor for yourself!

{DB2-172 Mosco & Kampari, Universe 3 Destroyer & Angel} can KO themselves, activate [Revive Blue/Green] to come back, then KO an opponent’s Battle Card upon being played again. Combine them with {BT8-044 Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Turning the Tide} to draw 3 cards. This is one of the strongest [Revive] cards out there, so we hope to see some builds putting it to good use!

{DB2-173 Rumsshi & Kusu, Universe 10 Destroyer & Angel} can KO one of your opponent’s Battle Cards and draw you a card while they’re at it. That’s pretty good, but it shares a particularly advantageous skill with several other cards. Remember {BT8-120 Android 17, Protector of Wildlife}? Draft Box 05 features a similar cycle that lets you pay a cost to ignore [Energy-Exhaust], giving you multicolor energy when you need it most.

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for Draft Tournaments coming to a store near you! Check the link below for details!

We’ll be holding Draft Tournaments at Championship 2020 Regionals events as well! Come see what the meta for the new draft set is all about, and win amazing prizes while you’re at it!
Note: Event regulations may differ by region.

February 21, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team