Expansion Sets - Saiyan Surge and Namekian Surge
<EX09, EX10>

Greetings, Dragon Ball fans! Today, we’re here to give you designer’s notes on the new Expansion Sets coming out this January: Saiyan Surge and Namekian Surge!

Expansion Sets - Saiyan Surge and Namekian Surge <EX09, EX10>

These sets consist of a Red/Yellow Goku deck and a Blue/Green Gohan and Piccolo deck, which will be released simultaneously. Both decks come with a multicolor Leader Card called a Surge Leader! Surge Leaders are a new type of Leader Card that will push DBSCG to new heights!

Now, let’s go over what makes Surge Leaders special!


Up until now, Leader Cards could awaken when your life reaches a certain point—but Surge Leaders are different. They have two colors and can be Awakened by placing two cards from your hand under them. You can easily draw cards equal to or more than the number placed under the Surge Leader, making the Awaken skill on these Leaders quite fearsome. As long as you have two cards in your hand, you can Awaken whenever you’d like, allowing you to choose just the right time to use Awaken : Surge!

And the best part about Surge Leaders is the abilities they gain once Awakened! {EX09-03 SSG Son Goku, Surge of Divinity} from Saiyan Surge has two powerful abilities: he can negate the skills of all of your opponent’s Battle Cards or give himself +10000 power and [Critical]! It’s up to you to choose which skill to use and when. The first skill helps get rid of troublesome [Barrier] cards, then easily KO them with cards like {TB3-060 Cargo, Namekian Youth}. It’s also an [Activate : Main/Battle] skill, which means you can use it during your opponent’s turn. It also gives you the chance to confirm whether or not your opponent plans on using a [Counter : Attack] on you! Combine it with {BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa}, and you can deal two damage to your opponent’s life without giving them.

Next up is the Surge Leader from Namekian Surge. {EX10-03 Son Gohan & Piccolo, Surge of Consciousness} has several abilities new to DBSCG! On the front side, we have an ability that allows you to check the top card of your deck, then choose to draw that card, or place it at the bottom of your deck and draw another card. You can use this ability even when going first, providing a major consistency boost. Once Awakened, this Leader has an energy ramp ability! However, unlike {EX09-03 SSG Son Goku, Surge of Divinity}, this ability has a strict life restriction attached to it, since we all know ramping energy is extremely powerful in DBSCG. Once you ramp, you can play powerful game-enders like {BT8-122 Android 21, Violent Predator}! Any energy you ramp is played in Active Mode, allowing you to immediately make use of it for offensive or defensive plays! This Leader’s other skill allows you to force your opponent to send 2 cards from their hand to their Warp, allowing the Leader to be a focal point for hand destruction strategies as well!

We’re sure the two Surge Leaders introduced in this set will have a big impact on the meta, but there’s also plenty of other cards included that are sure to do the same! First, let’s go over two cards from Saiyan Surge!

First, we have a couple that played a big part in the Battle of Gods Saga! This card allows you to get rid of two of your opponent’s smaller cards while drawing a card yourself, allowing you to maintain hand advantage. This card also counts as both a 〈Son Gohan : Adolescence〉card and a 〈Videl〉card, designed with {BT8-068 Son Goku, Path to Godhood} in mind. So don’t worry about sending these two to your Drop Area!

And now we’ve got a new [Counter : Counter] card! By combining this with powerful attackers like {BT4-108 Mira, Creator Absorbed}, you’ll ensure that you do some damage to your opponent’s life! This card can only be used by red Leader Cards, so this card is sure to give players more reasons to consider playing red decks.

Next, we’ve got two cards from Namekian Surge!

This card features Goku using Kaio-Ken in the struggle against the revived Dr. Uiro. While he can’t do anything about Leader Card attacks, he is different from {BT8-124 Madness Wand Dr. Kochin} in that he can negate attacks even when in Rest Mode. Use this as an attacker while maintaining an airtight defense!

The next card is for the Dr. Uiro fans out there! {EX10-05 Dr. Uiro, Cybernetic Rebirth} can be played for free when it is placed in your Drop Area to activate another card’s [Revive] skill, and [Blocker] makes it a perfect fit for defensive strategies. It also counters hand destruction strategies, giving you the edge against certain decks!

There’s plenty of other awesome cards in these sets, so check out the card list for more details! Let it be known that more exciting Surge Leaders will be available in the Expansion Set 09/10 Sealed Tournament Pack from January 17!

We can’t wait to see what decks you make with these new Expansion Sets! Once you do, be sure to post about it and spread the hype!

December 13, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team