BOOSTER PACKThemed Booster 03-CLASH OF FATES- Product Roundup!

Themed booster 03 of the DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME went on sale Jan. 18!!

Product Roundup!
Part 1 :
4 packs in Themed 03
Booster Pack

Signature design!

Release date

January 18,2019




1 Booster pack contains 12 cards each.
1Box contains 24booster packs


Total 125 cards
30 Commons(normal or foil.ver)/
18 Uncommons(normal or foil.ver)/
10 Rares / 6 Super Rares /
8 Special Rares / 1 Secret Rare /
4 Feature Rares

Part 2 :
The legendary Frieza Saga returns now!!
Bardock’s Crew!!
Bardock’s Crew!!
Frieza’s Army!!
Frieza’s Army!!
Saiyans & Earthlings!!
Saiyans & Earthlings!!
Namekians & Porunga!
Namekians & Porunga!
Part 3 :
Four warriors from
will be included in the themed booster03!
Feature Rare!!

Don't miss your chance to collect them all!

Part 4 :
Powerful 8 SR Cards!

Who will you choose to fight alongside you?

Part 5 :
The Special Rares in TB3 are all recreations of famous scenes in Dragon Ball Z!

Who will you choose to fight alongside you?

The card list is here!!

Part 6 :
To commemorate the release of the new movie, you'll be able to get the first volume of a DBS: Broly Pack !

Buy two starters and six boosters with a friend during the promo period,
and you’ll both get a DBS:Broly Pack vol. 1!

*Each pack contains one of two unique pairs of cards.

DBS:Broly Pack

The card list is here!!

About DBS:Broly Pack

Part 7 :
The Secret Rare is Frieza from the new movie!
Get your hands on the rarest cards of all !
Frieza, Army Reborn

This bad boy is something you can use when you're in a tight spot to take out all of your opponent's Battle Cards!
And if your life is low, it only costs 5 energy!
The perfect card to turn a game around.

Battles Rage On!

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