BOOSTER PACKThe Tournament Of Power

Let’s take a look at a few blue cards from TB01!
Blue in The Tournament of Power is mostly focused on Universe 9 !!

Bergamo, Eldest Brother

Beware of the Trio De Dangers!
Form the Danger’s Triangle with the Leader Card Bergamo!!

Son Gohan, Leader of Universe 7

Unlock all kinds of new combo tricks with this Leader!
Work as a team to win the battle just like Universe 7!

Trio De Dangers Basil/Trio De Dangers Lavender

These cards become more powerful when there are other Trio De Dangers in the Battle Area!
Create the ultimate formation!

Brothers of Terror Bergamo

Just like the Leader Card, Bergamo works as a team with Lavender and Basil!
Complete the triangle!

Dangers Triangle

When combined, there is nothing incapable to the Trio!
This card unleashes its powerful skill when all 3 members unite!

Results of Training Son Gohan

This card is one of the best cards you could add to a Gohan Leader deck!
Rally the forces of Universe 7, unleash the combos, and win the match for the universe!

Blue features cards from Universe 9!

Behold their powerful combinations, just like in the show!

Power up with more new blue cards from The Tournament of Power!

The card list is here!!