BOOSTER PACKThe Tournament Of Power

Let’s take a look at a few green cards from TB01!
Green in The Tournament of Power is mostly focused on Universe 2 and 4!!

Sharpened Power Son Goku

At last, a Leader Card featuring Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku!

Unleash the latent power of ultra instinct on your foes!
There’s no meaning—just the fight!

Ribrianne, Maiden of Anger

The perfect leader for building a magical girl deck!

Back her up with Rozie and Kakunsa to create an unstoppable trio!

Maiden Squadron Leader Ribrianne

Assemble the Maiden Squadron to unleash a combo that will leave your opponent seeing stars...and hearts!

Play your cards right, and the effect on this card only gets more powerful!

True Form Ganos

Ganos enters the battle from Universe 2!

Both pre- and post-evolution forms have skills that KO your opponent’s cards, giving you a one-two punch to clear the board!

Destructo Disk Krillin

Universe 7 fan-favorite Krillin arrives to tear up the competition as a rare card!

With Destructo Disks in tow, Krillin can chew through your opponent’s cards with energy costs of 3 or less!

Maiden Transformation

Bring back Maiden Squadron cards from your Drop Area so the fun never stops!

Use this card effectively, and you’ll always have a Maiden Squadron member ready on the board!

Green features cards from Universe 2 and 4!

Go on rampage with all the devastating green skills!!

Power up with more new red cards from Themed Booster 01!!

The card list is here!!