BOOSTER PACKThe Tournament Of Power

Let’s take a look at a few red cards from TB01!
Red in The Tournamnet of Power is mostly focused on Universe 6 !!


Universe 7 is found in every color!

Lady of Destruction Kale

Check out this Leader Card representing a rampaging Kale!

Obliterate your opponent’s hand with her powerful skill!

She’s a great Leader for an Universe 6 deck!

Dark Warrior Mira

His bond with Cabba will never be broken!

The perfect Leader for Universe 7 and Saiyan decks!

Impeccable Super Saiyan Cabba

A hard counter against Kale and Vegeta leaders!

Cabba is best when used with a Saiyan leader!
He can pick off your opponent’s Battle Cards with ease!

Bold Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla

The Saiyan sisters continue their onslaught as cards!

Use Caulifla to play other Universe 6 cards!
Combine with Kale and other Universe 6 cards for maximum devastation!

Majin Buu, Full of Energy

He may not have been the biggest star in the tournament, but he surely shines as a card!
Look for all the powerful combos hidden within the set!

Dimension Leaper Hit

Say hello to the all new Hit Battle Card!

The card is a versatile card that can be used on its own or with other Hit cards!

Red focuses on warriors from Universe 6!

Choose your own theme and build your own ultimate deck!

Power up with more new red cards from Themed Booster 01!!

The card list is here!!