UW03 Changes to the Banned/Limited/Errata Cards List

Greetings, DBSCG fans.

With the release of UW03, we’re adding one card each to the banned, limited, and errata card lists, respectively. In addition, we’ve also made the decision to introduce a new best-of-1 banned list, and are adding one card to it.

The best-of-1 banned list is a new banned list that only applies to games played in single round, best-of-1 matches. While we primarily balance cards with a best-of-3 match structure in mind, single round matches have grown increasingly prominent online.

The best-of-1 banned list was introduced to ensure this format remains fun and competitive, and we will continue to announce changes and additions to it alongside the banned/limited/errata lists going forward.

Banned Cards

Card number Card name
TB3-065 No Escape Son Goku

We designed this card to address concerns over {BT4-045 The Legendary Flute} and other cards that allow players skip energy costs and reuse their Battle Cards. Those cards no longer pose much of a threat, but {TB3-065 No Escape Son Goku} currently places a burden on future design space. As such, we’ve made the decision to ban it.

Limited Cards

Card number Card name
BT10-130 Trunks, Elite Descendant

We’re limiting this card for the following reasons:
・Combining this card with {P-123 Vegeta, Reluctant Reinforcements} in Vegeks decks allows players to fill their Drop Area with cards while going on the offensive too easily.
・The speed at which {P-123 Vegeta, Reluctant Reinforcements} fills players’ Drop Areas greatly limits future design space.   

Errata Cards

Card number Card name
BT11-064 Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil

We’ve chosen to errata this card to bring it in line with future card designs.

Current text:
[Auto][Once per turn] When a marker is removed from this card by a skill, your opponent chooses 1 card from their hand and discards it.

[Auto][Once per turn] When a marker is removed from this card by a non-keyword skill, your opponent chooses 1 card from their hand and discards it.

Best-of-1 Banned Cards

Card number Card name
BT9-128 Father-Son Kamehameha Goku & Gohan Return

This card creates one-sided games that require players to build their decks specifically to counter it, inhibiting fun and competitiveness in a best-of-1 format.

Implementation Dates:
North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Latin America
January 15, 2021

France and Italy
UW03 VICIOUS REJUVENATION release day, including pre-releases

We plan to announce the next banned/limited/errata card update before the release of Unison Warrior Series Set 04.

Our continued goal remains to make a game that Dragon Ball fans and card game fans alike can enjoy.

Thank you as always for your support.

Dec. 25, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team