Additions to the Banned/Limited/Errata Cards List with the Release of Series 7

To our fans,

As previously mentioned, starting with Series 7 we are planning to make an announcement concerning the Banned/Limited/Errata Card List before each main booster is released.
(Previous Announcement:)

With the upcoming release of Series 7 in mind, we will ban 3 cards, limit 1 card, and add 1 errata card to the list. Please review the following cards and explanations. 

Banned Cards

Card number Card name
BT1-108 Bad Ring Laser

There are three major reasons for banning this card:

  • 1) It’s the only [Counter: Counter] negation card with an energy cost of 1. It has few restrictions on usage, so it can be included easily in almost any deck.
  • 2) Combining this card with {BT4-10 Mira, Creator Absorbed} and {BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa} provides players with overwhelming power for little energy, allowing them to win easily once their opponent reaches 2 life.
  • 3) Finally, in terms of design, it’s difficult for us to create playable, high cost [Counter] cards as long as this card exists.
Card number Card name
BT3-100 Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh

Not only is this card extremely versatile, it changes how we have to design cards with energy costs of 3 or less, and gives an improper advantage to aggro decks. While {BT4-104 Time Control Chronoa} can be used to keep the card in check, we feel that forcing players to include it just to neutralize this card makes deckbuilding less fun and restricts how players play the game in general.

Card number Card name
BT4-122 Minus Kili Zone

We’re currently doing our best to make DBSCG an interactive game, but being able to lock out your opponent’s [Counter: Play] cards creates one-sided gameplay. This card also restricts the design of future [Counter: Play] cards. If we design any [Counter: Play] cards with high costs going forward, they may never be used simply because this card exists.

Limited Cards

Card number Card name
BT1-107 Cold Bloodlust

This is one of the strongest [Counter: Play] cards, and we find that it restricts card design space and throws off gameplay balance. If we ban {BT1-106 Bad Ring Laser} and {BT4-122 Minus Kili Zone], it would become necessary to ban this card as well, since the primary cards that can deal with it would be banned. This would also cause decks unable to use this card to be considered less powerful. However, since this card requires the use of a Leader Card, there are significantly fewer decks that can use it. We believe limiting Cold Bloodlust to one per deck should weaken it to an acceptable power level.

Errata Cards

Card number Card name
EX06-18 Paragus, Quelling the Beast

Former Text

[Permanent] Cards in your Battle Area can't be placed in their owners' Drop Areas by your skills.
[Auto] When you play this card, draw 1 card.

Post-Errata Text

“[Permanent] Cards in your Battle Area can't be placed in their owners' Drop Areas by your Leader Card's skills.
[Auto] When you play this card, draw 1 card.

Ban/Limited/Errata Implementation Date

North America, Oceania, Asia, Latin America: Friday, July 26, 2019.

Europe (English): Friday, August 9, 2019.

France/Italy: From the Pre-Release of Series 7: Assault of the Saiyans.
*French and Italian copies of {EX06-18 Paragus, Quelling the Beast} will use the corrected text at release, and will not be affected by this erratum.

In addition, we will not be making any changes in regards to cards already on the list.

The next time we will make an announcement regarding this list is prior to the release of Series 8.
We are dedicated to developing a game that Dragon Ball fans and card game fans alike can enjoy. Thank you for your continued support of DBSCG.

July 12, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team