Prize and Format Changes to Regular Tournaments

Thank you all for your continued support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
To ensure that future BCC-supported store tournaments are even more fun for players, we’re making a few changes to format and prize structure with the release of Series 6 in March.

Updated Tournament Details:

  • ・Series Tournaments :
    As we announced previously, the prize lineup will be adjusted starting with Series 6.

Updated prize support is as follows:

  • Participation Prize: Tournament Pack
    * Tournament Pack is Limited to Series 6 Tournaments.
  • Top Placer Prize: Tournament Pack
  • Top1-2: Tournament Pack Accessories/1 out of 2 alternate-style reprints

・BCC Battles:

To focus attention on Series Tournaments, which will offer updated prize support starting in March, we will be retiring BCC Battles tournaments on April 30, 2019.
We hope you’re as excited about the new changes to Series Tournaments as we are.

・Shop Championship:

In response to the positive reception for Sneak-Peek Party events, we will be offering them in the future as updated Pre-Release Tournaments.

・Release Tournament:

Official Tournament Packs were once offered as participation prizes, but will be exclusively offered at Series Tournaments going forward.
As such, We will be offering Event Pack 03 as a participation prize.
You can find the card list for Event Pack 03 below, which includes key cards for the current meta.

* The cards in Event Pack 03 are all re-printed cards.

Cards in Event Pack 03

Card number Card name
BT4-093 Explorer Bulma
BT5-117 Dragon Ball
BT4-012 Intensifying Power Trunks
BT1-109 Frieza's Call
BT2-086 Growing Evil Lifeform Cell
BT3-120 Haru Haru, Attacker Majin
BT1-052 Objection
BT4-118 Dimensional Banisher Fu
BT5-112 Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan
BT6-060 SR Card in Series 6 Booster

Tournament Schedule (from February 2019 onward)

* The tournament schedule is subject to change without notice.

We’re confident the above changes will result in even more excitement at tournaments, and we hope you’re looking forward to hearing all the details on the tournament season to come!
If you’re a Carddass Club store, make sure to get your tournament applications in before it’s too late!

Tournament Application Schedule:

  • ・BCC Battles vol.7 (March): 12/03-12/31
  • ・Series 6 Pre-release Tournament:12/03-12/31
  • ・Series 6 Release Tournament:12/03-12/31

We thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.