Dev Team Column - Android 21 Reborn

Greetings, DBSCG fans! The Battle Evolution Booster has finally been released, and we hope you’ve had a chance to get your hands on some of the cards from this incredible set! It’s packed with powerful cards, including new additions to help power up popular themes from the past! If you’ve been out of the game for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to jump back in!

In this series of columns, we’re going to introduce three new decks while shining a spotlight on some of the new cards from the Battle Evolution Booster and UW4. This time, we’ll be looking at the Android 21 deck, which has received a radical new revamp! Here’s the decklist!

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT8-024 Blue Android 21, Malevolence Unbound LEADER UC 1
BT13-034 Blue Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction UNISON SR 3
EB1-13 Blue Super Android 13, Neverending Bloodlust UNISON UC 4
BT8-033 Blue Android 18, Speedy Substitution BATTLE SR 4
BT8-121 Blue/Green Android 16, Energy Amplification BATTLE SR 4
BT9-099 Blue/Green Android 18, Bionic Blitz BATTLE C 4
BT10-044 Blue SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique BATTLE SR 3
XD2-08 Blue/Green Android 21, A Bad Omen BATTLE ST 3
XD2-09 Blue/Green Android 21, the Beautiful Scientist BATTLE ST 3
EX13-36 Blue/Green Super 17, Hell’s Ultimate Weapon BATTLE EX 4
EB1-20 Blue Android 18, Let the Battle Begin BATTLE UC 4
EB1-62 Blue/Green Android 17 & Android 18, Siblings Revived BATTLE SR 2
EB1-64 Blue/Green Android 16, Steadfast Comeback BATTLE SR 2
BT1-053 Blue Senzu Bean EXTRA C 3
BT5-050 Blue Dimension Magic EXTRA C 3
BT8-041 Blue Android 21's Scheme EXTRA C 1
BT8-043 Blue Absolute Release Ball EXTRA UC 2
EB1-68 Black Heroines' Lineage EXTRA SCR 1
  • *{BT1-053 Senzu Bean} and {XD2-08 Android 21, A Bad Omen} are reprinted in Battle Evolution Booster!


  • 1. Android 21 Deck Concept
  • 2. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck Goals
  •  -b. Early Game
  •  -c. Mid Game
  •  -d. [Counter : Play] Considerations
  • 3. Synergistic Cards
  • 4. In Closing
1. Android 21 Deck Concept

This is a control deck that uses {BT8-041 Android 21's Scheme} in the early game to create Clone Tokens, which help fuel draws and energy reuse. It pairs well with blue/green ramp cards, and its ability to play powerful high-cost cards is one of its greatest assets.

2. Deck Overview

a. Deck Goals

This is a dynamic deck that ramps energy to play powerful and expensive cards. {EB1-62 Android 17 & Android 18, Siblings Revived} from the Battle Evolution Booster is a devastating finisher that allows you to place two threats from your opponent’s hand in their energy. Once it hits the table, victory is within sight!

{EX13-36 Super 17, Hell’s Ultimate Weapon} is another great finisher. If you can get three {XD2-08 Android 21, A Bad Omen} cards in your energy, dropping Hell’s Ultimate Weapon will force your opponent to lose three life as go into the red zone with four 25k Battle Cards! It also negates [Energy-Exhaust], so play it in your energy early and often.

b. Early Game

{BT8-121 Android 16, Energy Amplification} is a key ramp card that effectively serves as the deck’s engine. It has the lowest energy cost of any ramp card in the deck, so it’s worth playing copies well into the mid game.

The Battle Evolution Booster includes {EB1-13 Super Android 13, Neverending Bloodlust}, a powerful Unison Card that you can play without spending energy. Lock down the Clone Tokens you send to your opponent, build up your markers, and create a defensive wall to safeguard your other strategies.

c. Mid Game

One of the deck’s biggest selling points is its ability to jump the energy curve, playing major threats faster than other decks can handle. {BT13-034 Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction} from UW4 draws cards, eliminates your opponent’s Battle Cards, and even has [Blocker]! Play {BT8-121 Android 16, Energy Amplification} on turn 2, and you can play this card on turn 3, giving your defenses a massive boost for the mid game.

If you don’t have {BT13-034 Majin Buu, Assault of the Agents of Destruction} in hand, try playing {XD2-09 Android 21, the Beautiful Scientist} to speed up your ramp instead. Besides her plus skill, she also has [Blocker] and a skill to remove your opponent’s Battle Cards, making her an excellent defensive option.

d. [Counter : Play] Considerations

{EB1-13 Super Android 13, Neverending Bloodlust}’s strong defenses make it easier to use Unison-conditional [Counter : Play] cards like {EB1-20 Android 18, Let the Battle Begin} and {BT10-044 SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique}. {EB1-13 Super Android 13, Neverending Bloodlust} in particular is a 1-cost [Blocker] that can easily strengthen your defenses. From there, you can use your Leader Skill to switch your energy to Active Mode and go on the offensive!

{BT8-043 Absolute Release Ball} can also be played energy-free by adding a card from your life to your hand, giving you a great way to keep your opponent’s Battle Cards from hitting the board.

3. Synergistic Cards

・EB1-63 Android 16, Steadfast Ally

A key card from the Battle Evolution Booster that helps you play Android 21 cards. Play {XD2-08 Android 21, A Bad Omen} to wipe out your opponent’s life and Battle Cards, or play {XD2-09 Android 21, the Beautiful Scientist} to remove your opponent’s Battle Cards while ramping. Having a variety of options to handle any situation is one of this deck’s core strengths. Android 16 is no slouch himself, packing both a discard effect and [Double Strike].

・P-202 Android 21, Scholarly Gambit

This [Barrier]-backed [Blocker] helps you remove unsightly Clone Tokens. You can also trade her in to prevent an opponent’s boss-tier Battle Card from entering play. Playing her at the start of your turn gives you maximum mileage from {BT8-041 Android 21's Scheme}, which prevents players from attacking after Battle Cards enter play.

・BT11-153 Baby Hatchhyack, Saiyan Destroyer

A game-ending [Ultimate] that works with blue Leader Cards, the Saiyan Destroyer completely locks your opponent out of attacking for a turn, giving you all the runway you need to end the game for good.

4. In Closing

Well, what do you think? The cards we introduced today are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other synergistic new cards in the Battle Evolution Booster, including the ramp-based Android 16 Leader Card, so be sure to check out the card list!

Stay tuned for the next article on April 30th, where we’ll be taking a look at another batch of cards from the Battle Evolution Booster and UW4. See you then!

April 23, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team