Dev Team Column - Heroine Deck Showcase

Greetings, DBSCG fans! UW4’s release is here at last, which means it’s time to get brewing with some of the set’s incredible new themes!

We were planning for this to be our final Battle Evolution Booster/UW4 deck showcase, but there are just too many decks we want to show off, so expect a few more articles in the weeks to come!

This time around, we’re showcasing a Heroine deck that uses Pan and Bulma cards from past sets! There’s plenty of flexibility to explore here, so without further ado...

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
EB1-49 Black Bulma, Life of a Heroine LEADER C 1
EB1-25 Green Launch, the Wild One UNISON UC 4
BT13-079 Green Cheelai BATTLE C 3
TB2-011 Red Heroic Duo Videl BATTLE C 4
TB2-024 Blue Awakening Talent Pan BATTLE R 3
P-302 Green Cheelai, Behind the Scenes Heroine BATTLE P 4
DB3-065 Green Great Saiyaman 2, Budding Hero BATTLE SR 4
DB3-089 Yellow Chi-Chi, Melee Matriarch BATTLE UC 2
EB1-03 Red Launch, Inspiring Support BATTLE C 4
EB1-18 Blue Gine, Heroic Support BATTLE SR 4
EB1-20 Blue Android 18, Let the Battle Begin BATTLE UC 2
EB1-34 Green Kakunsa, Feral Fury BATTLE SR 3
EB1-35 Green Rozie, Blast Manipulator BATTLE SR 4
EB1-45 Yellow Pan, the Courageous Youth BATTLE SR 2
EB1-50 Black Bulma, Inspiring Support BATTLE C 4
BT5-115 Black Power Burst EXTRA C 4
EB1-68 Black Heroines' Lineage EXTRA SCR 1

Note: {TB2-011 Heroic Duo Videl} is reprinted in the Battle Evolution Booster.


  • 1. Heroine Deck Concept
  • 2. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck Goals
  •  -b. Early Game
  •  -c. Mid Game
  •  -d. Playing cards during your opponent’s turn
  • 3. Synergistic Picks
  • 4. In Closing
1. Heroine Deck Concept

A colorful control deck with support for Dragon Ball’s Heroines, past, present, and future. Being able to ignore the specified costs of the Heroines listed in its permanent skill means there’s no limit on card choices, or on your game plan.

2. Deck Overview

a. Deck Goals

Your Leader has 5,000 power on its front and 10,000 on its back, which makes attacking difficult. Your Leader is likely to come under attack, so you’ll want to use its auto skill every turn to boost its attack power. Focus on creating situations that will allow you to play Battle Cards during your opponent’s turn as well.
Another one of the deck’s strengths is being able to use {EB1-50 Bulma, Inspiring Support}’s combo boost to its full potential. The deck’s Leader skill allows you to ignore the specified costs of the Heroines listed in its permanent skill, giving you serious versatility in your energy and letting you easily shore up your defenses for the late game.

b. Early Game

This Leader draws a card every time you play a card, so it’s imperative that you have cards to play every single turn. {TB2-024 Awakening Talent Pan} is a one-card engine, helping manage your life cards for Awakening and returning to hand at end of turn to activate your Leader’s auto skill again and again. If you’re up against a control deck, it’s worth taking aggressive mulligans to ensure you have a copy in your starting hand.
{EB1-25 Launch, the Wild One} can search out <Heroine> cards in your deck for added stability. Even better, you can play her using her activate skill for 2 colorless energy, making her easy to use in any deck.
A quick glance at {P-302 Cheelai, Behind the Scenes Heroine} might leave you scratching your head for a moment, but worry not – pairing her with {DB3-065 Great Saiyaman 2, Budding Hero} will quickly reveal her true potential. {DB3-065 Great Saiyaman 2, Budding Hero} returns skill-less Battle Cards to your hand, giving you an easy way to reuse {P-302 Cheelai, Behind the Scenes Heroine}. This in turn helps activate your Leader’s auto skill and play your other copies of {DB3-065 Great Saiyaman 2, Budding Hero}, making it a key piece in the deck’s engine.

c. Mid Game

{EB1-35 Rozie, Blast Manipulator} has both hand destruction and [Triple Attack], and is the Heroine deck’s main attacker. Your Leader’s skill gives her 20000 power and three attacks to blast away at your opponent’s resources.
When your opponent has 8 cards in hand, {EB1-34 Kakunsa, Feral Fury} becomes an unbelievably efficient 1-cost 20000-power Double Striker. It’s especially good for keeping energy open for your opponent’s turn.
A key card for this deck in particular is {EB1-18 Gine, Heroic Support}, whose combo effect adds a Heroine card from your energy to your hand, giving you extra energy and effectively serving as Super Combos five through eight. It needs [Sparking 5] to activate, but that’s what {EB1-34 Kakunsa, Feral Fury}’s [Burst 2] is for.

d. Playing cards during your opponent’s turn

As mentioned in part 1, your Leader doesn’t have enough power to stand up to attacks on its own. Activating its auto skill during your opponent’s turn is essential for fending off your opponent’s offense.
{TB2-011 Heroic Duo Videl} is a [Counter : Attack] card that enters play after thwarting an opponent’s attack. A key defensive card, and easy to use.
{EB1-03 Launch, Inspiring Support} is a Battle Card that enters play after a combo. It also has [Blocker], giving you an easy avenue for building combo power while keeping your opponent’s attacks at bay.
If {EB1-25 Launch, the Wild One} is in play, you can play {EB1-20 Android 18, Let the Battle Begin} for cheap, countering an opponent’s Battle Card and sending it to the bottom of their deck. It also gets a power boost from your Leader’s auto skill, becoming a formidable 20000-power [Blocker] to keep your defenses locked up tight.

3. Synergistic Picks

This card from the Unison Warrior Series Tournament Pack Vol.4 can be played for free, leaving your energy open during your opponent’s turn while activating your Leader’s auto skill.

A Battle Evolution Booster card that negates an attack while playing a Battle Card, giving it a similar function to {TB2-011 Heroic Duo Videl}. Play {EB1-30 Bulma, Inspiring Support} from your Drop Area, and you’ll have a powerful combo card ready in the turns to come.

A classic reprint from the Battle Evolution Booster, which helps boost your Leader’s power while recharging your energy to play more Battle Cards. You’ll need blue energy to play it, so if you want to run it, you’ll need to prioritize blue cards in your deck list.

An alt-art version of {BT5-115 Power Burst}, with an illustration that fits the Heroine deck to a tee.

4. In Closing

Well, what do you think?
This deck’s Leader gives other cards Heroine, so any card with a matching character name will be fair game going forward! Pick your favorite characters, build a game plan, and experiment!
Look out for the next column soon!

May 21, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team