Dev Team Column – UW5 Majin Buu Deck Showcase

Greetings, DBSCG fans! The Majin Buu SCR has finally been unveiled!
{BT14-153 Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed} depicts Majin Buu following his absorption of Kibito Kai. To convey his enormous power, we’ve given him the ability to steal your opponent’s Unison Cards, recreating Buu’s absorption ability while providing an ability that can turn the game around in an instant.
We hope you get a chance to try out his powers for yourself!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a UW5 Majin Buu deck featuring {BT14-153 Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed}!

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT14-062 Green Majin Buu, Unadulterated Might LEADER UC 1
BT14-064 Green Babidi, Wicked Mentor UNISON UC 4
BT10-075 Green Frieza, Charismatic Villain BATTLE SR 3
BT14-076 Green Majin Buu, Unadulterated Destruction BATTLE SR 2
BT14-077 Green Majin Buu, Ultimate Despair BATTLE SR 4
BT14-078 Green Majin Buu, Mighty Absorption BATTLE UC 3
BT14-080 Green Majin Buu, the Neverending Absorber BATTLE C 4
BT14-081 Green Majin Buu, Absorption Scheme BATTLE C 4
BT14-082 Green Majin Buu, Unadulterated Malice BATTLE R 4
BT14-083 Green Majin Buu, Thwarting the Enemy BATTLE R 2
BT14-153 Green Majin Buu, Kibito Kai Absorbed BATTLE SCR 1
TB2-012 Red Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai BATTLE UC 1
SD8-04 Green Defending Father Paragus BATTLE ST 4
P-261 Black SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate BATTLE PR 1
DB2-069 Green Ribrianne, Punishing Passion BATTLE SR 2
EB1-34 Green Kakunsa, Feral Fury BATTLE SR 3
BT10-088 Green Dormant Potential Unleashed EXTRA SR 4
BT14-090 Green Wicked Mimicry EXTRA UC 2
EB1-37 Green Homicidal Clones EXTRA C 2


  • 1. Deck Concept
  • 2. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck goals
  •  -b. Early game
  •  -c. Mid game
  •  -d. Defensive cards
  • 3. Synergistic picks
  • 4. In Closing
1. Deck concept

This is a mid-range deck that uses [Union-Absorb] and [Spirit Boost] to great effect. The {BT14-062 Majin Buu} Leader’s [Spirit Boost] skill absorbs your opponent’s Battle Cards from their Battle Area or Drop Area. He even absorbs their skills! What could be more Buu-like than exterminating your opponent’s best fighters while powering up?
{BT14-080 Majin Buu, the Neverending Absorber} and {BT14-081 Majin Buu, Absorption Scheme} both have [Union-Absorb], helping you play mid-sized Battle Cards for little cost. Any energy you have left over can be used on either offense or defense as the situation dictates—a strength of any good midrange deck.

2. Deck overview

a. Deck goals

{BT14-076 Majin Buu, Unadulterated Destruction} is this deck’s finisher, and playing it is the final goal you should be aiming to reach. Its on-play auto skill obliterates the board, and even drains two cards out of your opponent’s hand to help fuel your Leader Card’s skill activations. Its permanent skill, meanwhile, shuts down attacks while forcing discard, disrupting your opponent’s plans and keeping your life total safe. One thing’s certain: getting this card on the board will change the game in an instant.

b. Early game

Play {BT14-080 Majin Buu, the Neverending Absorber} or {BT14-081 Majin Buu, Absorption Scheme} and prepare to use [Union-Absorb] to play {BT14-080 Majin Buu, Mighty Absorption}, whose [Spirit Boost] skill can add {BT14-064 Babidi, Wicked Mentor} to your hand—one of the deck’s key cards. In any case, try to keep the two cards above in your opening hand.

c. Mid game

Use [Union-Absorb] and [Spirit Boost] to maintain the advantage as the game progresses.
{BT14-064 Babidi, Wicked Mentor} is a Unison Card with a +2 marker skill, giving you an easy avenue to enabling [Spirit Boost] on your Leader Card and Battle Cards.
{BT14-078 Majin Buu, Ultimate Despair} and {BT14-080 Majin Buu, Mighty Absorption} can both be played with [Union-Absorb] to solidify your offense. Depending on the situation, you can also play {BT10-088 Dormant Potential Unleashed}, {DB2-069 Ribrianne, Punishing Passion}, and other cards to flexibly counter aggro and control decks alike.
Get {BT14-076 Majin Buu, Unadulterated Destruction} in play by turn 5, and you can build an advantage, regardless of your opponent’s deck type.

d. Defensive Cards

{BT14-082 Majin Buu, Unadulterated Malice} is a counter card that forces your opponent to discard every time they attack for the turn. Once your opponent’s options are limited, that’s your cue to [Union-Absorb] new Battle Cards into play, giving you plenty of outs no matter the situation.

3. Synergistic picks

・EB1-35 Rozie, Blast Manipulator

A green discard mainstay, and a fantastic choice if you decide to pursue a more discard-oriented control strategy.

・P-223 Zarbon, Cosmic Elite

A modern green classic that blocks your opponent’s attacks and forces discard for cheap. What can’t Zarbon do?

4. In Closing

Well, what did you think?
We hope this gave you a few ideas for a Majin Buu deck of your very own, but remember—the cards we introduced today aren’t your only choices! Comb through the card list, and absorb your favorites into a deck to call your very own!
The next column is planned for August 6th. See you then!

July 30, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team