Dev Team Column - SS4: The Vermilion Saiyans Showcase

Greetings DBSCG Fans!
As we approach Final Championship events across the world and the release of -Saiyan Showdown-, what better way to celebrate four years of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game than with an SS4 Secret Rare card!

Today’s deck profile revisits {EX19-20 SS4 Bardock, Prismatic Striker}. This archetype, heavily built from cards in Special Anniversary Box 2021,
receives additional support in -Saiyan Showdown- that makes it a force to be reckoned with!

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
EX19-20 Black SS4 Bardock, Prismatic Striker LEADER EX 1
EX19-21 Black SS4 Broly, Prismatic Burst UNISON EX 3
BT11-128 Black SS Son Goku, Time Patrol Elite BATTLE C 2
BT14-129 Black SS4 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire BATTLE SR 3
EX19-22 Black SS4 Gogeta, Prismatic Burst BATTLE EX 2
EX19-23 Black Supreme Kai of Time, Prism Bringer BATTLE EX 2
EX19-25 Red/Black SS4 Bardock, Prismatic Burst BATTLE EX 2
EX19-26 Red/Black SS4 Bardock, Prismatic Aegis BATTLE EX 4
EX19-28 Blue/Black SS4 Vegeta, Prismatic Burst BATTLE EX 4
EX19-29 Blue/Black SS4 Vegeta, Prismatic Aegis BATTLE EX 4
EX19-33 Green/Black SS4 Son Gohan, Prismatic Burst BATTLE EX 4
EX19-34 Green/Black SS4 Son Gohan, Prismatic Aegis BATTLE EX 4
EX19-35 Yellow/Black SS4 Son Goku, Prismatic Burst BATTLE EX 4
EX19-36 Yellow/Black SS4 Son Goku, Prismatic Aegis BATTLE EX 3
BT1-053 Blue Senzu Bean EXTRA C 4
BT15-152 Black SS4: The Vermilion Saiyans EXTRA SCR 1
EX19-24 Black SS4's Call EXTRA EX 4


  • 1. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck goals
  •  -b. Early game
  •  -c. Mid game
  •  -d. Defensive cards
  • 2. Synergistic picks
  • 3. In Closing
1. Deck Overview

-a. Deck goals

{Bardock, Prismatic Striker} is designed to be a five-color archetype, and the first deck to primarily use black multi-color cards! Start the game by using the Xeno versions of some of the greatest Saiyan in existence to provide midrange power plays that offer the player offensive and defensive plays. Use options on both players’ turns to generate value and pressure, and then dominate the game in later turns with the power of SS4 Gogeta!

-b. Early game

SS4 Bardock’s multitude of powerful abilities are the key driver in how to start the game effectively! The [Permanent] skill ensures you can easily combo and play cards like {EX19-28 SS4 Vegeta, Prismatic Burst}. Once you have Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green SS4 Prismatic Battle Cards in your hand and Energy Area, you unlock the full potential of your Leader card! If you build your opening mulligan strategy around having three to four different half-black multi-color cards, you’ll find your success rate with the deck skyrocket! If you’re missing a color, use {EX19-24 SS4’s Call} to find the color that need. Do it all correctly, and this Leader can awaken as early as your second or third turn.

-c. Mid game

Once your army of SS4 Battle Cards have helped maintain your life total and apply pressure, use cards like {BT14-129 SS4 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire} and {EX19-22 SS4 Gogeta, Prismatic Burst} to apply significant offensive pressure. Manage your Son Goku: Xeno and Vegeta: Xeno cards wisely to ensure you can resolve these powerful skills!

{BT15-152 SS4: The Vermilion Saiyans} is a new tool the deck has courtesy of -Saiyan Showdown-, which is easily searchable with {SS4’s Call}. For a truly powerful turn, try resolving this card’s [Activate: Main] skill on turn 5 to produce four 16000 power attacks, activate {BT1-053 Senzu Bean} to ensure all your energy is in Active Mode, and then follow-up with {SS4 Gogeta, Prismatic Burst}.

-d. Defensive cards:

If your opponent does happen to have answers, your Leader skill should allow you to keep an energy open on your opponent’s turn, enabling your defensive options even after using all of your energy offensively.

In times like this, keeping a copy of {EX19-25 SS4 Bardock, Prismatic Burst} and {EX19-33 SS4 Son Gohan, Prismatic Burst} can offer you the disruption you need to make it back to your next turn. If you need more defensive options for your turn, don’t forget to resolve {Senzu Bean} before using your last energy – and check out its newest art from our upcoming Mythic Booster!

2. Synergistic picks

Once you’ve successfully got all four non-black colors in your energy and your Leader is at maximum strength, cards like {EX19-34 SS4 Son Gohan, Prismatic Aegis} are going to be great at applying pressure. To make it as easy to play as possible, try playing {EX19-35 SS4 Son Goku, Prismatic Burst} on your opponent’s turn while you have two energy. Then, on your third turn, use the [Activate: Main] skill on {SS4 Son Goku, Prismatic Burst} to cause havoc to your opponent’s Unison Cards and Battle Cards before coming in with a potent Double Strike!

3. In Closing

-Saiyan Showdown-, Special Anniversary Box 2021, and the many upcoming events are just some of the ways we are excited to celebrate the Dragon Ball Super Card Game with you all! We thank you for your continued support throughout the years. Let us know what you think of this deck profile, and expect a few more coming soon!

October 29, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team