Draft Box 04 –Dragon Brawl–

Hello DBSCG players! We’ve got some info about the soon-to-be-released Draft Box 04 for you today.

  Previous Draft Boxes were designed to give players a great value by combining booster packs from two different sets with limited edition Leader Cards. However, a common complaint we heard was that the cards provided were slightly difficult to draft with.

  We kept that in mind while designing Draft Box 04, with the goal of providing the smoothest draft experience possible. Our designers hand-picked cards from past series and made 103 brand new cards to create the greatest draft box yet! We’re calling it Dragon Brawl -- an all-out throwdown with characters from across Dragon Ball history.

  Since we made a new booster pack specifically for this product, we decided to deviate from standard Series Booster rarity as well. First, Secret Rares and Special Rares are gone. Why? We felt their increased power level might make drafts feel too volatile, while Special Rares might cause players to focus on rare drafting.

  To compensate, we’re including more Rares and Super Rares in the set to make drafting and deckbuilding more fun. Ten cards with a special Dragon Brawl-exclusive rarity –Duo Power Rare (DPR)– are included as well.

  To ensure color balance in drafts, we’ve included multicolored cards in color combinations that weren’t already represented in main booster packs.

  Each Dragon Brawl box has 24 packs inside. Each player gets six packs to play with, so grab some friends, and get ready to Dragon Brawl!

  Also, in this set, each player uses the same Leader Card. That might sound restrictive, but this Leader works universally with cards of every color, making drafting as balanced as possible.

  Now, it’s time to show you some of the new cards we designed for this set!

Red Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-002 SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness

A [Counter : Play] menace that drops the power of all of your opponent’s Battle Cards by 20000. Play it during your opponent’s turn, and it gives your leader +5000 power, making your opponent think twice about attacking!

Card number Card name
DB1-020 Galick Cannon

The first Super Rare Extra Card in DBSCG! This [Counter : Play] powerhouse is a cheap way to slow down your opponent’s strategies.

Blue Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-021 Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable

The first card to combine [Counter : Attack] and [Counter : Play]! Get around your opponent’s key Battle Cards and keep yourself in the game!

Card number Card name
DB1-031 Frieza, Universe 7 United

An ironclad defender with [Barrier] and [Blocker], Frieza is also playable from your Drop Area, thwarting your opponent’s plans turn after turn!

Green Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-043 King Vegeta, Saiyan Ruler

When you play this version of the majestic Saiyan ruler, he plays two cards from your Drop Area and gives them a power boost! After making an attack or two, you can send one of your Battle Cards to the Drop Area, gain [Double Strike], and end the game!

Card number Card name
DB1-057 Fused Zamasu, Deity's Wrath

New support for the green Zamasu cards from Series 3! Use {DB1-058 Zamasu, the Undying} and {DB1-056 SS Rosé Goku Black, a Delicate Plan} to play this guy with ease!

Yellow Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-064 Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan Instincts

If you send this bad boy from your Drop Area to your Warp, you can draw 2 cards! Use him as an attacker first, then turn him into free cards if he gets KO’d!

Card number Card name
DB1-077 Ginyu, Ultimate Transformation

This card is a bit of a gamble! Your opponent reveals the top card of their deck--if it’s a Battle Card, Ginyu powers up. Otherwise, Ginyu gets weaker. Test your luck, and go for the win!

Black Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-084 Mira, Assault from the Skies

This card replenishes the energy you use to play it via [Over Realm] during your opponent’s next turn, allowing you to apply pressure on your opponent for little cost. It also has high power and [Double Strike], making it a great offensive card!

Card number Card name
DB1-085 Fu, Mission Accomplished

Once Fu hits your Drop Area, you can remove him from the game to grab your favorite black Battle Card with 7 energy or less from your Drop Area or Warp and add it back to your hand! You can even use it to grab {DB1-084 Mira, Assault from the Skies} from this very set! With that much flexibility, there’s no strategy you can’t defend against!

Multicolor Cards
Card number Card name
DB1-088 Champa and Beerus, Capricious Gods

Play this card with [Arrival Red/Green] to KO one of your opponent’s Battle Cards AND give one of your cards [Double Strike]! This card is great for powering up cards with skills like [Double Attack]!

Card number Card name
DB1-089 Son Goku and Vegeta, Saiyan Bonds

Since this card has [Arrival Blue/Yellow], you can get it out quite easily. And when you do, it has the ability to negate the skills on one of your opponent’s Battle Cards! Use the dynamic duo here to lock down the skills on your opponent’s best cards!

Card number Card name
DB1-090 King Vegeta and Vegeta, Royal Bloodline

This royal pair has [Arrival Red/Yellow], draws you a card on play, and KOs one of your opponent’s Battle Cards in Rest Mode with an energy cost of 3 or less. Use these two to put a stop to your opponent’s early game offense!

Card number Card name
DB1-091 Son Goku and Son Gohan, Saiyans of Earth

This father-son duo rockets into play with [Arrival Blue/Green], placing one of your opponent’s Battle Cards in their energy and forcing a discard. A great pairing with the Zamasu cards from Series 7!

Card number Card name
DB1-092 Hercule and Majin Buu, Friends Forever

These best buddies have [Arrival Red/Blue] and bounce one of your Battle Cards to your hand when you play them, allowing you to reuse your best threats and put even more pressure on your opponent!

Card number Card name
DB1-093 Krillin and Android 18, Power Couple

With [Arrival Green/Yellow], these lovebirds give you the choice of two powerful abilities when you play them, making them useful in all kinds of situations!

Campaign Rares
Card number Card name
DB1-098 Son Gohan, Master and Pupil

By sending this card from your hand to your Warp, you get to play it at the end of your opponent’s next turn, adding cards from your life to your hand to [Awaken] faster. And while it might not be included in Dragon Brawl, this card combos nicely with {BT7-022 Dormant Legend} from Series 7!

Card number Card name
DB1-099 Piccolo, Master and Pupil

When this card attacks, you get to add a Battle Card with 10000 combo power to your hand! Grab multicolor cards, {DB1-098 Son Gohan, Master and Pupil}, [Super Combo] cards, and more!

Card number Card name
DB1-100 Bardock, Father and Son

Meet the conditions on this card to switch one of your opponent’s Battle Cards to Rest Mode and play this card from your hand. Doing so switches your opponent’s blockers and other troublesome cards to Rest Mode, opening the way forward!

Card number Card name
DB01-101  Son Goku, Father and Son

This card was designed to work with the Bardock card above, allowing you to play it from your hand when one of your opponent’s Battle Cards is switched to Rest Mode. You can use this father-son duo to go on the offensive or bolster your defenses. The choice is yours!

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We’re also hosting draft tournaments in stores! Check the link below for details!

Current plans call for major draft tournaments in the future, starting with side events at the North American National Championship. Invite your friends, and discover the spark that drafting adds to DBSCG!

September 9th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team