Draft Box 06 -Giant Force-

Draft Box 06 -Giant Force-

Hello, Dragon Ball Super Card Game fans!
This time, we’re going to be taking an early look at Draft Box 06, which releases in November.

Like Draft Box 05, this new box has 100% new cards, making it perfect for drafting, or just cracking packs. We’ve also slightly reduced the total card count to help make the themes pop, so be sure to grab a box and try a draft or two yourself.

“Giant Force” is the theme, with the biggest and baddest (emphasis on biggest) characters from Dragon Ball history taking center stage -- Great Apes, Lord Slug, and Hirudegarn are only the tip of the colossal iceberg.

Unison Cards are here too, of course. In fact, the the Campaign Rares this time are called Giant Force Rares, and they’re all Unison Cards! We’ll be revealing them over time, so stay tuned.

Box 06 also includes new cards for under-supported themes like Lord Slug, Bardock’s Crew, and Hirudegarn, providing plenty of value for drafters and non-drafters alike.

With the preamble out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the new cards.

Red Cards

This new King Piccolo should push red Unison decks to the next level. It’s the perfect fit for red Broly : Br decks using {BT11-004 Kale, Savage Berserker}. Add markers via [Swap], then use King Piccolo to end the game!

As the art suggests, this new Extra Card is modeled after {BT1-053 Senzu Bean}, and provides remarkable utility on both offense and defense. On your turn, it gives your [Dual Attack] and [Triple Attack] beaters a power boost. On your opponent’s turn, you can power up your Leader while eliminating an opponent’s low-power Battle Card. No matter the situation, Korin’s medicine is the cure.

Blue Cards

You can evolve this card onto a Bardock in your energy, making it incredibly easy to play. It’s also kitted out with [Double Strike] and [Blocker], allowing it to serve a variety of support roles in your Bardock decks.

Intersecting Fates provides efficient filtering and stability for any blue deck, and even leaves a blue energy open at end of turn -- whatever your opponent tries, you’ll be ready to deal with it.

Green Cards

With [Triple Strike] and [Barrier], this green Goku was made to end games, but that’s not all -- he can also remove markers from your opponent’s Unison Cards, providing much-needed utility against a variety of deck archetypes. BT10 green Goku decks can play him with {BT10-066 Intensive Training Son Goku}, giving you plenty of new ways to use classic cards!

A colossal threat with colossal options, Hirudegarn returns with a suite of disruptive tools. Will you KO your opponent’s Battle Cards, search out and play other Hirudegarns, or force your opponent to discard? The choice is yours.

Yellow Cards

This powerful support card backs up the Gohan & Hire-Dragon theme from BT11, while also slotting into decks with 1-cost skill-less cards.

Lord Slug greatly limits your opponent’s options, letting you control the pace of the game. He also searches out other Slug’s Army cards from your deck, providing the perfect opportunity to dig out classic cards and dominate opponents.

Black Cards

With an all-purpose kit that adds markers every time your opponent loses a Battle Card, this versatile new addition fits into black decks of all kinds.

[Over Realm] and [Dark Over Realm] make this an easy choice for any black-centric deck, with powerful skills on both play and attack. His ability to whittle down your opponent’s hand is trouble enough, but play him with [Dark Over Realm], and he doesn’t get sent to your Warp at end of turn, making him a truly nightmarish threat.

Multicolor Cards

This double-striking Goku is easy to play, making him perfect for aggressive decks. He also disrupts your opponent’s combos, making him a strong defensive card as well.

This Extra Card shuts down your opponent’s [Counter : Attacks], opening the way for your offense. It also gives you an energy back, allowing you to respond to your opponent’s next play. Needless to say, this is also a fantastic addition to any deck with [Invoker].

Giant Force Rare

Let’s take a sneak peek at a few of these gigantic new additions! The illustrations provide an equally huge impact, which we hope will have you looking forward to future card reveals!

Obliterate your opponent’s low-power Battle Cards, then weaken their attackers and go for the kill -- or just support your other cards. Being able to eliminate your opponent’s Battle Cards with [Barrier] (like {BT6-047 Babidi, Overseer of Destruction}) makes him an awesome addition to decks from a variety of archetypes.

Bergamo gains markers from your opponent’s attacks, growing in size just like in the source material. He can also play Universe 9 Battle Cards from your deck. Put him in your favorite Universe 9 deck, and go to town!

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at Draft Box 06. Card reveals begin mid-October, so stay tuned.

The next main set -Vermilion Bloodline- also goes on sale soon! Packed with SS4 Saiyans, this new set provides powerful new additions to decks of every archetype. Check out the card list, and prepare to experience the next evolution of the Unison Warrior Series!

September 25th, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team