Unison Warrior Series BOOST Set 6 -Saiyan Showdown-

Greetings, DBSCG fans!
Seen the new preview trailer yet? If you haven’t, here it is!

The theme this time around is Saiyans vs. Saiyans, with tons of new cards that recreate the most memorable battles between Saiyans from throughout Dragon Ball history. Just about every Saiyan you can think of is included, so if you’ve been looking for new takes on your favorite characters, this is the set for you.

We’re also pulling out all the stops for DBSCG’s fourth anniversary. Besides the Special Anniversary Box, we’re also including an unprecedented four SCRs in this set, each with more than enough power to live up to the hype. One of them is also a new character for DBSCG... Or perhaps “special guest” is more accurate? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out who it is!

The preview video also mentioned the Mythic Booster, scheduled for release this winter. These is our first ever reprint-only booster for DBSCG. We’ve heard our players loud and clear about certain cards becoming more and more difficult to find, and came up with this product to meet the needs of both tournament players and collectors. In addition to cards featuring their original artwork, every card also has a version featuring brand new alternate art and a gold stamp, making every pack extra exciting to open.

Each pack includes 8 cards, with one “reverse” holo similar to the Unison Warrior Series, and one with holo foiling and gold stamp, similar to SRs from the Unison Warrior Series. Ever wanted your Senzu Beans in SR foiling? Then the Mythic Booster is for you!

Here’s a sneak preview of two alternate art reprints!

We think you’ll be very happy with the cards selected, and how they look.
Additionally, for the first time ever, the packs also include two SCR reprints. Of course, these are also available in an original art “reverse” holo version without any gold stamp, and a new alternate art with gold stamp. We’ve taken every precaution necessary to assure that these SCRs are more accessible, while allowing the original cards to retain their value.

So what kind of cards can you expect in Saiyan Showdown? Let’s take a look.

First up, let’s take a look at {BT15-022 Broly, Slumbering Demon}!
Red in this set is focused on recreating the events of the movie Dragon Ball Z Broly – Second Coming, which of course means more Broly cards! Original movie Broly hasn’t appeared in a main booster since set 7, so we’ve taken a lot of care to give him a different spin this time around that we hope you’ll enjoy.
{BT15-022 Broly, Slumbering Demon} recreates the scenes from the start of the movie, with Broly frozen in ice. Meet its conditions, and you can play a Broly card from your deck, with a particularly powerful choice being {BT7-020 Broly, Counter Reversal}!
If you want to go on a rampage just like in the movies, you’ll find lots to enjoy here.

Next up is {BT15-093 Son Goku, Reclaiming Hope}!
This card pairs particularly well with {EX12-01 Toppo, Candidate of Destruction}, giving you access to some powerful defensive plays.
It’s also a team-up we never got to see in the original show—truly one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! {BT15-093 Son Goku, Reclaiming Hope} is a great fit with other Leaders too. We can’t wait to see what kind of incredible tag teams you come up with!

Well, what do you think? We’ll be revealing cards from now on our Facebook, so make sure not to miss it!

And finally, we’re excited to show off the pre-release cards—a reboot of {BT7-049 Raditz, Brotherly Hate} from Set 7 -Assault of the Saiyans-, and a brand new SS3 Nappa Unison! This pure-blooded Saiyan dream team can be yours when you join a pre-release event at a participating local game store!

We hope you enjoyed this article and are getting hype for Saiyan Showdown. We can’t wait to show you more, so until next time!

September 17, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team