Series 6 Destroyer Kings (DBS-B06) Design Concepts


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With most of the Series 6 cards having been revealed, players now have a pretty clear picture of what the set is about! As you all probably know, Series 6 isn’t just about the new Broly movie, but was made with the theme of releasing cards of characters from many movies from Dragon Ball’s history. This means that both heroes and villains from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and everything up until Dragon Ball Super will make appearances in this set! And that’s one of the best parts about the card game: only in DBSCG can players experience such a large gathering of their favorite characters.

But what would happen is Babidi were to take control of the villains from the movies? That’s where we got the idea for using the Agents of Destruction and giving them their own rarity.

This set is perfect for anyone: the type of people who saw Dragon Ball Super: Broly and got interested in the game, fans of characters from past movies, and new Dragon Ball fans as well. So please make sure to tell your friends about it and get them involved in the wonderful world of Dragon Ball.

Series 6 consists of a starter deck, booster packs, and a special pack set. The starter deck is the long-awaited Broly : Br deck! And the deck has plenty of powerful cards inside, so even a beginner could buy a single copy of the deck and start playing with other players. There’s also a lot of starter deck-only cards that are printed in a special foiling, so existing players get a good value out of the deck as well!

We’re also doing pre-release events on March 8th, ahead of the sale date of March 15th. During this period, players can participate in a sealed tournament by purchasing two Special Pack Sets and can also get limited edition foil versions of Common cards from the set and some cool sleeves. Make sure you head to your local game store and participate!

Details on Series 6 Pre-Release events can be found here:

Now we’ll go over some game design concepts for each color!

Red: Gogeta : Br and Frieza : Br
Blue: Majin Buu
Green: Broly : Br
Yellow: Son Gohan and Boujack
Black: Son Goku and Super Shenron

Red features a Gogeta : Br deck and a Frieza : Br deck with characters ripped straight from the new movie. Gogeta : Br starts out by adding Son Goku and Vegeta cards to your hand, then uses the [Union-Fusion] keyword in mid-to-late game to play Veku : Br and Gogeta : Br and beat down your opponent. Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta : Br can’t be KO’d, can attack Battle Cards in Active Mode, and switches itself to Active Mode when it attacks a Battle Card. It’s an extremely powerful part of any Gogeta : Br deck.

{BT6-002 Frieza} has a skill that says players can’t put Battle Cards with energy costs of 3 or less in their decks. But in exchange for that, it has a skill allowing players to recover Extra Cards every turn. We hope that players will enjoy this new deck type, centered around Extra Cards. (This is a personal opinion of mine, but I found it very fun to use a lot of attack negation cards to play a deck reflecting how Frieza acted in the movie: showing that he was able to withstand many fierce attacks.)

Blue allows players to relive the battle between Majin Buu and Vegito from the Buu Saga. Not only can you play Vegito using [Union-Potara], but we added a new mechanic so that you can play him from your energy as well. We also included Super Saiyan Vegito and Vegito, World’s Strongest Candy, both straight out of the source material.

Players can use the new Majin Buu Leader Card {PT6-028 Majin Buu, Ability Absorber} to place Majin Buu in their energy, then keep playing those Majin Buu cards from their energy turn after turn!

Both sets have skills very characteristic of blue cards, revolving around energy management. Plus, blue has {BT6-121 Janemba, Agent of Destruction} in it, which goes well with Janemba mill decks, making that deck capable of even more destruction.

Green is about the great berserker, Broly : Br!
So Broly from the new movie isn’t very used to combat in the beginning, but he grows throughout his bouts with Son Goku and Vegeta, unleashing his ferocious power. In order to express that in the card game, we created skills that allow Broly : Br to transform into his next form whenever he is defeated in battle. We also made it so that players could use various different Leader Cards to create their own flavor of Broly : Br decks.
Since {BT6-053 Paragus, Father of the Demon} stops {BT6 - Broly, Unrealized Ambition}’s skill that adds life to your hand, you can recreate the feeling from the movie of Paragus trying to control Broly’s rage.
Green also has {Lord Slug, Agent of Destruction}, which can power up the Slug’s Army cards from Colossal Warfare. It has a skill that makes it easier for Slug’s Army to get their [Bond] effects and for the player to get a bunch of Slug’s Army cards to the Battle Area. We hope that fans of Lord Slug decks will come up with new strategies using this card.

Yellow recreates scenes from when Son Gohan fought against Boujack and his crew. For the Son Gohan deck, players can use {BT6-083 Display of Power Son Gohan} and {BT6-081 Son Goku, Guardian Angel} together to play {BT6-082 Finishing Blow Son Gohan} and set all of your opponent’s energy in Rest Mode to win the game!

The Boujack deck focuses on getting Boujack’s Crew cards into the Battle Area, then using them in combos to activate their skills to control the game state. In a first for the game, the Boujack Leader Card is pretty strong on both the front and back sides, allowing Boujack players to fight unrestrained from the beginning of a game to the end!

One black deck focuses on various movies to recreate the adventures of young Son Goku. W We decided on a theme of powering up skill-less Battle Cards focusing on {BT6-107 Son Goku, the Adventure Begins}, collecting {BT6-117 Four-Star Ball}s and playing more skill-less Battle Cards to fight with. Also, {BT6-114 Bonds of Friendship Android 8} can be used to take out even the strongest of foes. From here on out, if your opponent looks down on one of your vanilla cards, they might be in for a world of hurt!

Another black deck focuses around Super Shenron. Since it’s the last part of the Shenron Wishes block, we wanted to give it an extremely powerful skill. The conditions are hard to meet, but players will be able to have second turn if they manage to fulfill them! There is also a great Super Rare/Special Rare card for this deck. It too has high cost, but it has a devastating skill that can turn the tides of battle!

What do you guys think? The team would be absolutely delighted if players use the cards in Series 6 to have fierce, dramatic battles like the ones that happened in the source material.

The time for the first 2019 booster to go on sale is at hand! We’re doing our best to develop cards so that even more Dragon Ball fans and card game fans can enjoy DBSCG. We also hope to get more new players with no card game experience involved in the game. We ask that all you fans out there will continue giving us your warm encouragement and support.

February 22nd, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team