Series 6 Tournaments

Thank you all for your continued support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
We’ve decided to change the prizes for the upcoming Series 6 Tournaments
so that you guys can have a more exciting tournament experience.

[Up Until Now]

  • ・Participation Prize:Tournament Pack
  • ・Top Placer Prize:Tournament Pack , Accessories

[Starting in March, 2019]

  • ・Participation Prize:Tournament Pack * Limited to Series 6 Tournaments
  • ・Top Placer Prize:Tournament Pack
  • ・Top1、2:Tournament Pack /Accessories /1 out of 2 alternate-style reprints

Currently, Tournament Packs are being passed out for Release Tournaments, Regionals and Store Preliminaries. After Series 6, they will be limited to only Series 6 Tournaments. First and second place players will receive an additional prize consisting of reprints of popular cards in higher rarities.

We’re hoping that the above will make Series 6 Tournaments even more fun than the other Series Tournaments have been. Players, please wait for more details about these changes. Store employees, don’t forget that submissions started on November 1st, so make sure to get those submissions in! * Prize distribution may change even after Series 6 Tournaments. Also, we have more announcements in store for content and prizes for Series 6 Release Tournaments and other events as well.

We ask that you continue to support the Dragon Ball Super Card Game in the future.

November 1, 2018
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team