Series 7: Assault of the Saiyans <DBS-B07>
Designer Notes – Volume 1

Assault of the Saiyans

Hey, everyone! We’re introducing the first volume of our designer notes on Series 7 today!

Introducing Series 7 - “Assault of the Saiyans”! The new set heavily features Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z, Super, and Xenoverse. With this new block, we’re hoping to give players new themes that are easy to grasp and use in play, so that a wider audience can enjoy DBSCG.

Series 7 marks the beginning of the new block called Infinite Unity. This is where multicolor cards will really start to shine, bringing new strategies both for play and deck building. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Up until now, we had been making themes for each individual color. But since multicolor cards are involved, each theme now has two colors!

Green/Red : Saiyan Saga
Red/Green : Broly Saga
Blue/Yellow : Future Trunks Saga
Yellow/Blue : Universe Survival Saga
Black : Dark Demon Realm Saga

Today, we are looking at what you can expect from Green / Red (Saiyan Saga), Blue / Yellow (Future Trunks Saga) and Black (Dark Demon Realm Saga). Tune in next week for the next designer notes update!

Saiyan Saga (Green/Red)

As most of you already know, this era is the beginning of Dragon Ball Z! This is where we learned about the existence of the Saiyans, so we thought it would be perfect for Series 7! Making their debut as Leader Cards is Raditz and Kaio-Ken Son Goku! We’ve heard a lot of fans wishing they could have Raditz cards, so this is for all you Raditz fans out there!

The theme of this era is the intense battle between the Z Warriors and the Saiyans. {BT7-112 Son Goku & Piccolo, Budding Friendship} is a recreation of the scene where Goku and Piccolo first fought together. It has [Alliance] from the most recent Expansion Sets and has a skill that allows you to draw 2 cards and gain [Critical] if combined with a 〈Son Gohan : Youth〉card. [Alliance] allows you to power up a card by placing other cards in Rest Mode, and not just 〈Son Gohan : Youth〉cards either, so feel free to use other Battle Cards to draw out the maximum potential of this one!

One of the characteristics of green cards is hand destruction, and {BT7-049 Raditz, Brotherly Hate} is no exception, with a skill that forces your opponent to send a card to their Warp when he attacks! This Raditz also has a skill that boosts the power of red or green Saiyan cards, so if you combine that with a Saiyan card with [Critical], you can make an even bigger dent into your opponent’s resources. {BT7-058 Vegeta the Cruel} has a skill that lets you KO one of your opponent’s cards with 4 or less if you play it during their turn, and also forces your opponent to send a card from their hand to their Warp! Plus, if you’ve got a multicolored card in your hand, you can play him for 2 energy instead of 4! Combined with the Raditz Leader Card, you’ve got a great strategy to rip your opponent’s cards right out of their hand!

Future Trunks Saga (Blue/Yellow)

Goku Black and Zamasu are back! And they’re even stronger than ever! The two Leaders for this theme are Fused Zamasu and SSB Vegito. The Goku Black cards work great with Goku Black and Zamasu from Series 2! We’re hoping to see all kinds of unique builds using these cards!

This era’s theme is to recreate the fights from the Future Trunks Saga. {BT7-025 Son Goku & Vegeta} is powerful support for 〈Trunks : Future〉 cards and 〈Vegito〉 cards with [Union-Potara], and was designed to allow for more possibilities for Vegito decks. The front side has an ability allowing you to increase its power to 15000, which will help you withstand even the most brutal of attacks from your opponent.

{BT7-043 SS Rosé Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness} is a card with a new style of effect never before seen in DBSCG. It increases your opponent’s energy as well as your own. It was also designed to work well with {EX06-14 Plan for Destruction} from the Special Anniversary Box. After you increase your energy, you can use [Counter] skills to protect yourself. This time, Zamasu’s plan has something to do with increasing your opponent’s energy. {BT7-026 Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike} has a surprising skill that allows you to place 4 cards from your opponent’s life to the bottom of their deck if your opponent has 8 or more energy. So you’ve got to aim to increase not only your energy, but your opponent’s energy as well if you want to win!

Dark Demon Realm Saga (Black)

Since Series 7 focuses on multicolor cards, old colorless black might look a little sad by comparison. With no Leader Card or cards at Super Rare or above, we understand that it might look that way. However, that doesn’t mean the cards they’re getting are weak. There are plenty of easy-to-use cards like Time Transmission G and lots of Counters as well!

This era’s theme revolves around making [Over Realm] stronger. {BT7-109 Tokitoki City} takes away one of the weaknesses of [Over Realm], with a skill that allows players to prevent their cards from being sent to their Warp in the End Phase. This card works really well with {EX06-35 Fu, the Dark Banisher} from the Special Anniversary Box and allows you to use Fu’s skills to lock down your opponent during their turn!

{BT7-102 Super Saiyan Trunks} is the first skill-less Battle Card for black. You can use {BT4-102 Dimension Support Trunks} to play it, meaning you don’t have to put any non-black cards in your deck. This allows players to use those cards in tandem with {BT4-098 Demigra} or {EX06-29 Towa}, Leaders that are difficult to use without making a monocolored black deck.

For our final hint at what to expect from Series 7, Assault of the Saiyans, fans can also look forward to the return of:

Signed Cards

Signed cards were popular with fans when we introduced them in TB01 The Tournament of Power. Assault of the Saiyans marks the DBSCG’s second anniversary, so we decided to include signed cards to celebrate! There are four of them in this set, as Parallel Special Rares. The lineup includes Vegito, Trunks, Son Gohan and Hit! Any player who pulls one of these bad boys is super lucky!

So, are you guys excited for Series 7?!

We’ve released the promo video for the set, so feel free to check that out as well!

That concludes Volume I of our Series 7 designer notes, so tune back next week to see what other amazing surprises Series 7 has in store!

With Championship events taking place around the globe, Series 7 will make a massive impact! If you have any friends that haven’t played DBSCG yet, Series 7 is a great time to introduce them to the game and get them involved in events! We appreciate your support!

June 14th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team