Special Anniversary Box 2020

Greetings, DBSCG players!

The Special Anniversary Box from last year was a big hit, and we’re making a brand new one this year as yet another way to give thanks to all the players who have supported us over the years. July 2020 marks the 3rd anniversary of DBSCG!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in the box for 2020. The main concept is the same as last year, but with a few added surprises as well!

a. Vault Power-Up Pack 2020
b. Special Anniversary Set 2020
c. Special Anniversary Pack 2020
d. Sleeves
e. Storage Box

a. Vault Power-Up Pack 2020

These packs are filled with popular alternate-art reprints from main boosters, draft boxes, and beyond. Each pack has three normal cards and a foil, with four packs per set. Which legends from DBSCG will you pull? There’s only one way to find out!

Here’s the full Vault lineup:
Next week we’ll be revealing the reprint designs. We can’t wait to show you these cards, so keep your eyes peeled!

b. Special Anniversary Set 2020

Deck-building is one of the best aspects of playing a card game. To make your search for the perfect deck even more enjoyable, this year’s Special Anniversary Set includes 35 new cards that can be used in competitive play! And if that wasn’t enough, you get two copies each!

Universe 11’s ace fighter is ready to throw down as a red Unison Card! You can use this bruiser’s [+1] skill to attack with [Double Strike] each turn, but his real value comes out during your opponent’s turn. Not only does his [Auto] skill hinder your opponent’s attacks, but his [-3] skill can be used during your opponent’s turn to easily take out even the strongest of Battle Cards.

Run this card in a {BT9-002 Cooler, Revenge Transformed} deck and you’ll be able to deck out your opponent in no time.

Having been out of the game since BT2, red Vegito is here to make a big comeback! This Vegito can be played in largely the same way as BT2 Vegito cards, which means if you stepped out of the game after BT2, you can use this to make a powerful deck to keep up with current players!

You use [Union-Potara] to play him like before, but you can do so without using any energy, making him a great play in the early game. From there, play cards like {BT12-012 Repeated Force Vegito} to give your opponent a Triple Strike attack they won’t see coming!

But that’s not all. You can even use him to play {BT2-123 Ultimate Force SSB Vegito}, the very first [Ultimate] card. This classic powerhouse has [Triple Strike] AND [Triple Attack], helping you end the game in a hurry.

I bet some of you out there wish there were more cards featuring characters from the Dragon Ball Super : Broly movie. Well, do we have a surprise for you!

We know there are a lot of fans of Cheelai and Lemo out there, so we’ve come up with some powerful support cards to help get the most out of that deck. {EX13-21 Allied Reinforcements} is a mighty 《Desire》 card that you can use with {BT6-054 Cheelai and Lemo, the Kindhearted} to easily play not only Cheelai and Lemo cards, but also Broly : Br cards as well.

If it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to pull off a [Wish] on turn 2, you can use {EX13-21 Allied Reinforcements} to play {EX13-17 Cheelai & Lemo, the Bandits}. This duo can put [Dragon Ball] cards in your Drop Area or return 《Desire》 cards from your Drop Area to your hand. It’s sure to be a big hit in green [Wish] decks.

Next up, we’ve got three brand new cards for Great Ape decks. Could these three cards bring about a return of Great Apes in the meta?

First up is the yellow Unison Card {EX13-22 King Vegeta, Royal Pride}. His [+1] skill searches for Great Ape cards. If you manage to search out {EX13-23 Great Ape Bardock, Might of the Resistance}, you’ll be well prepared for the next play.

Use Bardock with {EX13-28 Full Moon} to get multiple [Blocker] skill activations, while also powering him up to shut down your opponent’s attacks.

And that’s not all! Two key Great Ape cards, {BT3-105 Planet Vegeta} and {DB1-061 Great Ape Bardock, Raider’s Warcry}, are being reprinted in this set, giving everyone a chance to make an awesome Great Ape build of their own!

{EX13-30 Son Goku Jr. & Vegeta Jr., Saiyan Scions} and {EX13-31 Son Goku & Android 8, Bonds of Battle} were designed to give new life to decks using the fan favorite Leader Card {BT6-105 Bonds of Friendship Son Goku}. Up until now, those decks were built around using 3 cost skill-less Battle Cards to give your opponent a few 30000-power strikes to the face. This time around, we’d like to show you a different style of deck that focuses on 1-cost skill-less Battle Cards.

One of the best parts of the deck has always been {BT6-114 Bonds of Friendship Android 8} and his skill that lets you KO your opponent’s Battle Cards. {EX13-30 Son Goku Jr. & Vegeta Jr., Saiyan Scions} will allow you to get the most use out of that extremely powerful ability.

Their [-1] skill is quite potent, allowing you to play two 1 cost skill-less Battle Cards. And of course, {BT5-004 Son Goku} is one such card. Combine this with your Android 8 buddy and you can use those two Goku cards you just played to KO your opponent’s Battle Cards. {EX13-31 Son Goku & Android 8, Bonds of Battle} can take this play even further, since it can combo with skill-less Battle Cards in Rest Mode. So use those skill-less Goku cards to go on the offensive, then combo them away and use {BT6-114 Bonds of Friendship Android 8}’s skill to KO two of your opponent’s Battle Cards.

We think these new cards will appeal to both players who loved the old vanilla Goku deck and people who have never tried it before!

And this is only just a small taste of the cards in this set! Check out the full set below!

The card list is here!!

We’re looking forward to seeing how players will use these cards to bring new life to classic archetypes!

c. Special Anniversary Pack 2020

The Special Anniversary Pack has all 35 cards mentioned above, plus 1 Leader Card, for a total of 36 new cards you can pull! These packs have 5 cards each, all foil! And each set contains two of these amazing packs!

This time around, the new Leader Card supports the Agent of Destruction archetype released back in Series 6: Majin Buu with Babidi absorbed. Ever since their inception, there haven’t been a lot of thematic opportunities to make new Agent of Destruction cards... until now! Agent of Destruction versions of Turles, Garlic Jr., and Hatchhyack make their debut in this set as well!

Take a look at the skills on this Leader Card!

This card is only in the Special Anniversary Packs, so anyone who manages to pull one should thank their lucky stars!

{EX13-29 Babidi, Leader of the Agents of Destruction} is the first Leader Card for the Agents of Destruction and allows you to treat all 《Agent of Destruction》 cards in your hand as if they have no specified cost. With this Leader, you can play any of the Agents from your hand, no matter what color your energy is! Babidi also has another useful skill: When he attacks, he helps you search for a card with {Agent of Destruction} in its name to keep your plays going.

Once you use [Awaken] the Leader becomes the terrifying {EX13-29 Majin Buu, Leader of the Agents of Destruction}. Not only does the awakened side maintain that awesome specified cost skill from before, but it can play an Agent of Destruction with an energy cost of 2 or less for free from your hand once a turn! Combine it with {BT6-047 Babidi, Overseer of Destruction}, and suddenly all of your 3-cost Agent of Destruction cards can be played for free with your Leader’s skill.

And if all of that destructive power weren’t enough, the Leader has one more trick up his sleeve: A skill that allows you to play a Unison Card with {Agent of Destruction} in its name. Or more specifically...

This is a green Unison Card with [Double Strike] and [Critical], making it a great potential finisher in an Agents of Destruction deck. And what makes him even more devastating is the frightful skill he uses when played, choosing all of your opponent’s Battle Cards, ignoring [Barrier], and KO’ing them.

He also possesses a deadly [-5] skill that forces your opponent to discard 3 cards, eliminating their defenses. This sinister Unison Card is truly worthy of the title Agent of Destruction.

And of course, with {EX13-29 Majin Buu, Leader of the Agents of Destruction}’s skill you can play the Unison Card one turn earlier than normal, clearing the opposition all on its own.

Next, let’s have a look at {EX13-32 Hatchhyack, Vengeful Agent of Destruction}.

This card serves two functions. From your hand, you can use him to play {BT6-047 Babidi, Overseer of Destruction} from your deck, allowing you to decrease the costs of your Agents right from the get-go. But if you play Hatchhyack instead, you can send 1 of your opponent’s Battle Cards to their warp. So this versatile card can be used to start your deck’s main strategy or interrupt your opponent’s plays. This is definitely a card you want in your opening hand!

Last up is an Agent of Destruction debut for DBSCG,{EX13-26 Garlic Jr., Immortal Agent of Destruction}.

This is another defensive card that can also help you set up offensive plays. It has a [Counter : Attack] skill, letting you protect yourself by negating one of your opponent’s attacks. It also plays itself, playing a 2-cost 《Agent of Destruction》 from your deck and setting you up for a counter-attack!

d. sleeves

Each set contains a random pack of one of four sleeve designs! All character selections were based on your feedback in our questionnaires. We had a lot of requests for these characters!


  • - The first sleeve is for all the maiden fans out there! Sanka Ku, Brianne De Chateau, and Su Roas are here in this bright and bubbly sleeve!
  • - The second sleeve is packed with Super Saiyan Unison Warriors! SSB Vegito, SS Gotenks, SS Bardock, and SS Gogeta smash their way onto this sleeve, commemorating the launch of the Unison Warrior Series!
  • - The third sleeve is Syn Shenron! One of the most requested characters in DBSCG history dominates this sleeve. This features the full art of {Syn Shenron, Unison of Calamity} from -Rise of the Unison Warrior-!
  • - The fourth sleeve features a re-imagining of {Jiren, Legend of Universe 11}’s illustration inspired by Japanese ink wash painting. If you’re a fan of this art style, get ready for some amazing Vault reprints!
e. storage box

Once again, there will be four different storage box designs! For these designs, we decided to look at the past, present, and future of DBSCG on its momentous third anniversary.


  • - Goku! There’s no character more iconic in Dragon Ball than Son Goku, and this design chronicles the many scenes and forms of Son Goku we all know and love. Plenty of other characters are here too! This box features tons of cards from the earliest days of DBSCG up until now. Can you name them all?
  • - Unison Villains assemble! Like the Super Saiyan Unison Warrior Sleeve, the outside of this box commemorates the release of the Unison Warrior Series with some of the wickedest characters in the set!
  • - The Agents of Destruction Strike Back! This design is based on the vile Agent of Destructions found in Special Anniversary Box 2020! Evil Wizard Babidi takes control for one the most exciting archetypes in this set!
  • -The fourth and final design is Super Saiyan 4 characters! Why? The key theme for Set 2 of the Unison Warrior Series -Vermilion Bloodline- is Super Saiyan 4 fighters! Not just favorites SS4 Son Goku and SS4 Vegeta, but new challengers SS4 Son Goku:Xeno, SS4 Bardock, and SS4 Son Gohan are here! You'll want to hold onto this box for your -Vermilion Bloodline- cards!  Watch the trailer for -Vermilion Bloodline-
    (Updated July 31, 2020)

We’ll be revealing even more info next week!

Check out the official website for more details!

Well, what do you think? There are plenty of surprises packed into Special Anniversary Box 2020, so we hope you’re looking forward to find them all and celebrating the 3rd anniversary of DBSCG as much as we are!

July 22, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team