Greetings, DBSCG fans! Had a chance to check out the new preview?
Here it is, just in case you missed it!

The theme this time is “Unstoppable Squads”!
That includes the long-absent Machine Mutant Army, the Androids, Cooler’s Armored Squadron, Demigra’s Forces, and―at long last, after much player demand―the Red Ribbon Army themselves.

And speaking of the Red Ribbon Army... They’re back in the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero!
Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are joining the fight early, so look forward to a sneak preview of how the new movie is going to impact DBSCG.

Another news item revealed in the preview video was that this year will mark the start of a new series.
UW8 is something of a grand culmination for the UW Series, with tons of cards that push the Unison card type to its very limits. We hope you enjoy the surprises it has in store!

UW7 introduced Empower, the new skill that―as you saw in the preview video―is designed to replicate the Z Warriors fighting in sync with one another. UW8 pushes the mechanic even further, so we hope you get a chance to try it out if you haven’t.
Using Empower to carry over Unison markers, then cashing them in with Spirit Boost is a fantastic way to use Unison to turn the tide of battle in your favor, and the new set provides even more ways to make it happen.

UW8 also includes plenty of Androids, which you can use in the powerful preconstructed Ultimate Deck 2022 to power it up even further!

Let’s take a look at some of the new cards in the set.

Blue is themed around the Path to Power Saga, and replicates the scenes of Commander Red summoning his subordinates to fight against Goku. By sending <Red Ribbon Army> cards from your Battle Area to your Drop, you can play progressively more powerful cards to lay siege to your opponent.

Green focuses on the Meta-Cooler Saga, recreating the moments where Meta-Cooler’s unstoppable hordes drove Goku and Vegeta to despair.
Play Meta-Coolers every turn, build your hordes, and then drive your opponent to despair with a massive attack.

Yellow this time features the Android Cell Saga, recreating the scenes of Goku and the others banding together at the Cell Games. Use Empower to its fullest potential to draw out truly incredible teamwork from the Z Fighters.

Well, what did you think?

We’re always revealing the latest info via Dragon Ball Super Card Game Directs, so be sure to check them out on Youtube!

Okay, that should just about do it for now. Until next time!


March 28, 2022
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team