ZENKAI SERIES -Set 2- -Fighter’s Ambition-

Hello DBSCG players!
Be sure to check out the latest promo video if you haven't seen it yet.

The mega-popular Zenkai Series returns with Set 2, "Fighter’s Ambition"!
This extravagant set features many different characters from the movies, starring a huge lineup from the latest movie, "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero"!
Look for the debut of Orange Piccolo and the long-awaited Ultimate Awakening of Son Gohan : SH!

We're especially proud of the spectacular main art seen in the video!
And we know you'll be excited when we reveal the identity of shadowy figure at the end!

As revealed in a previous video, this set features characters from the full range of movies, with each movie character's art done in a traditional Japanese ink painting style!
See if you can build a movie villain deck with a [Magenta] card, the release event Leader!

5 campaign rare SGR cards are exclusive to this set!
These commemorative campaign rare cards trace Gohan's history, including important characters from throughout Gohan's past. A must for any Gohan fan!
Don't miss these premium red foil cards!

Now let's take a look at some of the cards from this new set.

The blue cards are from the Super Hero movie.
A Son Gohan deck has a max energy of 3, but it gives you powerful Battle Cards with Z-Energy that you can play or use in combos, plus you can switch energy to Active Mode with an awakened Leader!

The red cards are from the movie "Super Android 13".
These cards recreate the three Super Saiyans' fierce battles and the climax where Super Saiyan Goku uses a spirit bomb to get the upper hand.
Use [Evolve] to power up your Saiyans, then build up cards in your Drop to unleash an unstoppable attack to finish your opponent!

This set also includes cards that recreate the battles Goku and his comrades fought against powerful foes in many other classic movies!
Pretty nice, huh?

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October 28, 2022
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team