Concerning Turn Two Kill Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza Decks

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We’ve heard a fair amount of concern from parts of the player base about decks using P-028 Frieza/Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza to win on the second turn of the game.

These decks use Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza to reduce the cost of Extra Cards while trading life for cards in hand. Then they play cards like BT3-003 Victorious Fist Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku, BT3-008 Fearless Pan, and BT3-123 Hyper Evolution Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku by turn two, attacking multiple times to win.

Most of the messages we’ve received have expressed concern that this strategy is so fast that, unless you play a deck specifically designed to counter it, winning against it is nearly impossible. Players are rightfully concerned that this will result in a degenerate and unbalanced play environment.

As the design team, our view of the situation is as follows:
1) Though the deck has an extremely strong strategy in turns 2-3, it has a hard time winning after that (particularly if its Battle Cards are removed).
2) There are several decks that do well against it. There are still other decks that can win in a tournament environment.

*Counter strategies are described below.

However, we also understand that the existence of a strategy that can win on turn two is discouraging to new players and those who aren’t aware of how to counter it.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is growing. More players are learning the game and getting involved with the community on a daily basis. For this reason, we’re keeping a watchful eye on Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza going forward; Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza will be officially added to our “Watch List.”

The act of adding a card to the Watch List itself does not mean that the card will be restricted in constructed gameplay or its skills will be changed, but we may issue errata to the card’s text based on how things play out.

As we have in the past, we’ll continue to observe the state of the game, making adjustments as necessary to provide a fun and exciting play experience for both Dragon Ball fans and seasoned card game players alike.

Defending Against Turn Two Kills

Although these Mecha Frieza decks are capable of explosive plays during turns 2-3, they can’t win if their Battle Cards are neutralized or removed. Decks running the following defensive strategies have a high win ratio against Mecha Frieza decks running the turn two kill strategy:

  • ① Decks that can defend against repeated attacks during turns 2-3.
  • ② Decks that can remove large early threats like BT3-003 Victorious Fist Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku on turns 2-3.

Here are two decks running the above strategies—a blue/green Cell deck, and a great ape deck.

Blue/Green Cell
BT2-068 Cell / Ultimate Lifeform Cell ×1
BT1-047 Energy Boosted Majin Buu ×4
BT1-055 Whis’s Coercion ×4
BT1-080 Full Power Energy ×2
BT2-048 Group Leader Pilaf ×4
BT2-084 Perfect Force Cell ×4
BT2-085 Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell ×4
BT2-093 Terrible Creator Android 20 ×4
BT2-099 Cell’s Birth ×4
BT3-065 Dreadful Duo, Android 18 ×4
BT3-067 Dr. Gero, Evil's Inventor ×4
BT3-068 Stouthearted Android 16 ×4
BT3-072 Combination Attack Android 14 ×4
BT3-078 Unstoppable Ambition Super Saiyan Caulifla ×4
Great Apes
BT3-082 Bardock / Unwavering Justice Bardock ×1
BT1-110 Crusher Ball ×4
BT3-088 Explosive Spirit Son Goku ×4
BT3-090 No Openings Son Goku ×4
BT3-092 Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta ×4
BT3-093 Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta ×4
BT3-096 Hidden Power Great Ape Tora ×4
BT3-097 Unwavering Solidarity Tora ×4
BT3-098 Hidden Power Great Ape Fasha ×4
BT3-099 Unwavering Solidarity Fasha ×4
BT3-100 Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh ×4
BT3-101 Unwavering Solidarity Borgos ×2
BT3-104 Flying Nimbus ×4
BT3-105 Planet Vegeta ×4

Strengths Against Turn Two Kill Decks

① Blue/Green Cell

You can use the skills on Cell / Ultimate Lifeform Cell to eliminate your opponent’s Battle Cards, and blue cards like BT1-055 Whis’s Coercion and BT2-048 Group Leader Pilaf allow you to defend against your opponent’s onslaught during the early game.
The deck’s defensive core consists of 12 blue cards, so you can choose to run them in the sideboard, bringing them in for game two to handle the Mecha Frieza matchup.

② Great Apes

BT1-110 Crusher Ball and BT3-104 Flying Nimbus help you to defend against repeated attacks, while the combo of BT3-100 Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh and BT3-088 Explosive Spirit Son Goku can eliminate your opponent’s larger Battle Cards and defend against attacks. Since the Bardock Leader Card switches your energy to Active Mode when awakening, you’re guaranteed to have enough energy to play the cards you need for defense, and BT3-096 Hidden Power Great Ape Tora can remove large Battle Cards at a low energy cost.

These are but a few ways to deal with this deck archetype. We look forward to seeing the new deck concepts you come up with!  

March 9th, 2018
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team