Let’s take a look at a few yellow & black cards from B06!
Yellow in B06 is mostly focused on Boujack, while Black introduces a slew of cards focused on the Dragon Ball movies Mystical Adventure and The way to The strongest!

Yellow & Black Card Showcase!


Boujack, the Pirate Captain

Boujack rewards you for playing members of his crew by powering up, refilling your hand, and KO’ing your opponents cards!

Untapped Power SS2 Son Gohan

Young Gohan is perfect for straightforward and aggressive Saiyan decks, cycling through your hand and recovering one of your most important Saiyan cards when it matters most!

This is just a quick look at some of the cards premiering in Series 6!
To see the other yellow cards, check the card list!

The card list is here!!

Boujack’s crew is here to plunder!

Deploy Boujack’s crew to the board, and they’ll search the other members out from your deck, support each other, and power up Boujack!

Boujack Support Cards

Arrival of the Space Pirates searches out fellow members of the Boujack Brigade, while Merciless Farewell mercilessly obliterates your opponent’s Battle Cards!


Bonds of Friendship Son Goku

Young Goku returns from the classic Dragon Ball film The way to The strongest!
He may not be a Wish Leader, but his skills make great use of Four-Star Dragon Ball cards!

Super Shenron, the Almighty

There are Wish Leaders in the set too, of course!
Super Shenron’s final wish is what deck builders dream of!

This is just a small preview of some of the movie cards from the set!
Looking for more? Check out the card list!

The card list is here!!

Let the mystical adventure begin!

Harness powerful strategies centered around the Four-Star Dragon Ball!
Use the new young Goku leader and SR Goku cards to quickly build a board of powerful, skill-less battle cards and overwhelm your opponent!

Tons of black cards to build strategies around!

The possibilities are endless! What deck are you going to build first?

Powerful movie characters and more take the stage in Series 6!
Enjoy thrilling battles as recreate your favorite moments from Dragon Ball movie history!

Power up with more new yellow & black cards!


The card list is here!!


The card list is here!!