Series 2 Introducing New Decks Meta-Cooler Core

Deck List

Card No. Card Name Type Rarity Color / Count
[Leader Card]
BT2-100 Meta-Cooler Leader Rare Yellow x1
Total: 1 cards
Card No. Card Name Type Rarity Color / Count
[Main Deck]
BT1-100 Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant Battle Common Yellow x4
BT1-106 Recoome Eraser Gun Extra Uncommon Yellow x4
BT1-110 Crusher Ball Extra Common Yellow x2
BT1-090 Mecha-Frieza, The Returning Terror Battle Uncommon Yellow x2
BT2-106 Awakening Core Meta-Cooler Battle Uncommon Yellow x4
BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler Battle Common Yellow x21
BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core Battle Super Rare Yellow x4
BT2-109 Meta-Cooler Core Battle Uncommon Yellow x4
BT2-114 Guide Robo, Usher of Death Battle Common Yellow x4
BT2-122 Big Gete Star Extra Common Yellow x1
Total: 50 cards

Deck explanation

This deck aims to overwhelm the opponent by playing a huge number of Meta-Cooler cards.
Fill your Battle Area with {BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core} and {BT2-122 Big Gete Star} and attack relentlessly to quickly erase your opponent’s life.

BT2-122 Big Gete Star BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core
Detailed actions
①Continuously play Meta-Cooler cards.

Aggressively use {BT2-122 Big Gete Star}’s skill to play {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} cards.
The cards you put into the Drop Area via {BT2-122 Big Gete Star}’s skill will come in handy during the late game.
Don’t use {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} for combos; leave them in Active Mode to make it easier to finish your opponent off.

BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler

The majority of the deck is comprised of {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} cards.
You’ll draw lots of them, so don’t worry about putting them into the Drop Area using {BT2-122 Big Gete Star}’s skill. Aim to have as many {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} cards as possible.

②Push the advantage with {BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core}!

When you have a lot of energy and cards in your Drop Area, play {BT2-109 Meta-Cooler Core} and use [Union – Absorb] to play {BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core}!
If you can get {BT2-106 Awakening Core Meta-Cooler} into play with a skill, you can reduce your opponent’s life to zero in an instant!

BT2-106	Awakening Core Meta-Cooler BT2-108 The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core

{BT2-106 Awakening Core Meta-Cooler} costs 5 energy, but it can also be played for free.
You can also play {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} on the play and on the attack, building your forces quickly.

Techniques for victory
BT1-106	Recoome Eraser Gun

{BT2-100 Meta-Cooler} is a yellow Leader Card, giving it excellent synergy with {BT1-106 Recoome Eraser Gun}!
{BT2-122 Big Gete Star} allows you to play low-cost cards with its skill, leaving energy open for playing the relatively expensive {BT1-106 Recoome Eraser Gun}.

If you have energy ready to play {BT1-106 Recoome Eraser Gun}, you can go all-in and attack with your {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} cards; the perfect opportunity to win the game!