Let’s take a look at a few yellow cards from series 2!
Yellow in series 2 is mostly focused on the Meta-Cooler and Chilled saga!

Green Android Cell
Nucleus of Evil Meta-Cooler Core

There’s no better Leader to form the core (pun intended) of a Meta-Cooler deck!
Start the game with the Extra Card Big Gete Star in play for a huge early game advantage!

Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler

The backbone of any Meta-Cooler deck is right here!
You can include as many copies as you want in your deck, allowing you to truly “go infinite”!

Meta-Cooler Core

The Union keyword skill allows you to create awesome combos with Big Gete Star!
Once you get started, your opponent won’t be able to stop you!

Big Gete Star

A great inclusion in various Meta-Cooler Decks!
Summon {Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} with this Card!

Chilled, Harbinger of Destruction

Here’s Chilled’s Leader Card, which is part of the Frieza Clan!
Every time you attack, Chilled generates a Chilled Army token to bolster your forces and create unstoppable combos!

Chilled, Army General

The perfect card to combo Chilled Army tokens with!
Use them to give Chilled Triple Strike. Be sure to check out the rest of the new cards for other ways to use tokens!

Yellow will be including many more cards which really work well with the Frieza Clan!

Power up your deck with more new yellow cards from series 2 !

The card list is here!!