11 SRs Appear in

Miraculous Revival

We’re revealing all the SR cards you didn’t see in the preview video!

King Piccolo, Terror Unleashed
Miraculous Revival

Use the BT-025 Extra Card to bring out King Piccolo’s full potential to attack multiple times!

Ghost Rampage SS Gotenks
Miraculous Revival

Recreate Gotenks’s ghostly onslaught to clear your opponent’s board!

Twin Onslaught SS4 Son Goku
Miraculous Revival

Use Shenron’s power to wipe out or nullify your opponent’s Battle Cards, then go for the jugular with Dual Attack and Double Strike!

SSB Vegeta, Testing His Limits
Miraculous Revival

With Barrier, Blocker, and a Burst skill that keeps him in Active Mode after an attack, this Vegeta excels at both offense and defense!

Shenron, the Wishgranter
Miraculous Revival

Shenron might not be able to attack, but with a suite of powerful Wish Leader skills, this mighty dragon can handle anything else that comes your way!

This series brings 11 hyper-powered SRs to the table, along with 11 SPRs!
Collect them all, and complete your collection!

Check the card list for all the details:

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