The Next Block Arrives: Infinite Unity

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Hello to all the DBSCG players out there!

The Shenron Wishes block ends with Destroyer Kings, but you won’t have to wait long for Series 7 to kick off the next block: Infinite Unity!

Infinite Unity sees the debut of multicolored cards. The current plan is for the block to last from Series 7 to Series 9.

Today’s designer note will be about the new block and multicolored cards.

But before getting into the info about the block, let’s talk about the upcoming product cycle.

Up until now, we’ve had main boosters coming out every four months, with themed boosters dropping in-between. Basically, you could expect a new set to buy every two months. However, as many of you might have already noticed, we’ve halted production of themed boosters starting with Series 6, and will be releasing main booster sets every three months beginning with Series 7. This change is intended to make main booster sets the central focus and provide a more enjoyable release cycle.

As mentioned previously, Infinite Unity places multicolored cards at the forefront, with each color combination boasting a special keyword skill. While deciding what it means to be a multicolored card, we’re trying to capture the essence of each color and make them stick out even more.

Infinite Unity

For example, Red/Green has the new [Alliance] keyword skill, and Blue/Yellow has the new [Aegis] keyword skill.

To activate [Alliance], you choose 1 or more cards in your Battle Area that are red or green when you attack, then switch the chosen cards to Rest Mode. We designed the skill to provide the feeling of having multiple cards help each other out in a single, combined onslaught. Since both red and green are very offense-oriented colors, we gave the color combination a huge arsenal of attack skills!

[Aegis] can be activated during the Defense Step on your opponent’s turn by placing blue and yellow cards (or one Blue/Yellow card) from your hand into your Drop Area, allowing you to switch two of your energy back to Active Mode. We intended this to allow players to both defend against their opponent’s attacks and take more actions during their opponent’s turn. Blue and yellow are both very defensive colors, so blue/yellow cards are all about opening up your options and stopping your opponent’s attacks!

And then there’s [Arrival], a keyword skill that all color combinations have access to. This skill allows players to play cards from their hand when cards of certain colors are in their Combo Areas. This way, Battle Cards with [Arrival] can be played during both the Offense Step and the Defense Step. We designed this skill to change how players do battle in DBSCG in a big way. Each color combination can use [Arrival] either offensively or defensively, providing either a finisher or an impenetrable wall, depending on the colors. This makes cards with [Arrival] a key component of multicolor decks. We hope players will find all kinds of fun ways to make use of the skill!

These are examples of how we tried to establish different deck types for each color combination by stressing their offensive or defensive tendencies.

This is all we can tell you for now. However, we have plans to release cards for each color combination throughout Infinite Unity, and we hope you’ll have a blast playing with them all. We want this block to change how players think about building decks, inspiring them to dream up tons of new multicolored archetypes!

Since we’re providing lots of support for multicolored cards, we wanted to make sure we gave monocolored decks a boost as well. We’ve designed cards to emphasize the strengths of each color, so keep your eyes peeled.

Though the true multicolored experience begins in Series 7, we’ve included a few multicolored cards in the Red/Green and Blue/Yellow Expansion Sets, releasing in May.

Let’s take a look at what these mini-sets have in store!

We designed Unity of Saiyans with Broly : Br and Gogeta : Br decks in mind, giving Red/Green players more options for deck construction.

SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion has [Arrival Red/Green], and when you play it, it can KO one of your opponent’s Battle Cards with an energy cost of 4 or less. Play it using [Arrival] to stop your opponent’s attackers, regardless of power level. This Gogeta also has Double Strike, making it a perfect finisher!

{SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion} synergizes perfectly with other Series 6 cards. {Preemptive Strike SSG Son Goku} and {Preemptive Strike SSG Vegeta} can add him to your hand, and then he returns to your hand so you can activate [Arrival] again...and again...and again!

Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution has [Alliance Red/Green], giving him a power boost for each card you switch to rest mode. If that wasn’t enough, he also gets [Double Strike], one of the best attack skills in the game. If your opponent doesn’t have a [Counter], switch all of your Battle Cards to Rest Mode and go for the win!

{Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution} can be EX-Evolved onto any 4-cost Broly :Br card, including {Broly, Berserker Origins}, {Broly, Rushing Forth}, and {Broly, Paralyzing Presence}. And if {Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution} ends up in your Drop Area, you can play him using {Tragic Awakening}! Either add a few copies to a mostly green Series 6 Broly : Br deck, or create a focused red/green Broly: Br deck to go full multicolored!

Expansion Set 05 -Unity of Destruction- features blue/yellow designs intended to help Janemba and Boujack decks. Since the key cards are Agents of Destruction, expect to see them become the focal points of new deck archetypes.

Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction has [Arrival Blue/Yellow]. When you play this Boujack with [Arrival], you can switch your opponent’s Battle Cards to Rest Mode. This allows you to play Boujack in time with your opponent’s attacks to bring their strategy to a halt!

Add {Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction} to your hand with {Space Pirate Bido}, then give him [Critical] with {Space Pirate Zangya}! If you have {Babidi, Overseer of Destruction} in play, you can get Boujack into the fray early!

Check the links down below for more details on each Expansion Set.

Expansion Set 04 –Unity of Saiyans-

Expansion Set 05 –Unity of Destruction-

We’re also holding Expansion Set Sealed Tournaments when the sets release! Check the link below for details.


These Expansion Sets are the bridge between Series 6 and 7. We hope players enjoy their first taste of multicolored cards and experience a new world of DBSCG battle!  

April 19th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team