The Colors of -Rise of the Unison Warrior-
Volume 2

Unison Warrior Series

Greetings, DBSCG players.

How have you been enjoying the recent card reveals of -Rise of the Unison Warrior-?

With the new series, we want to bring the maximum amount of enjoyment to as many players as possible. We thank you for your understanding of our recent Ban/Errata announcement. Deciding the Ban, Limited, and Errata Cards is something we don’t take lightly, and we make these lists with the utmost consideration for the overall improvement of the game and player satisfaction. We ask for your continued support as we continue to make an ever better game for you, the player.

During the last designer's note, we went over an outline for the series. This time, we'll take an in-depth look at each color.

We expect many players will be coming to the Unison Warrior series as their first DBSCG set, so we’re emphasizing mono-color strategies. Many cards have relatively simple effects to make learning easier. You can rest easy, though. Plenty of support is included for old strategies, and multi-color cards are still an important part of the game’s design space.

Pilaf Saga

First up is Red. The theme for this color is the original Dragon Ball, with the Pilaf Gang and Yamcha.
This time around, the Pilaf deck is aggro and centers around the diabolical Pilaf Machines.

This deck is designed around using the Pilaf Machines and their various combinations.

The individual robots turn into the Master Bot, and if that gets taken out? You can recreate scenes where the Pilaf gang uses Ostrich Form!

Now, have a look at the Pilaf, Shu, and Mai you use to bring out {BT10-025 Pilaf Machine, the Master Bot}. You need all three of these guys to get your boss bot out, but if you play any single one of them? You can get the other two out using skills, making it very easy to get out the Master Bot. Pilaf and pals all have 15000 power, making them a credible threat.

Next up, let's look at the Leader Card for this deck.

This Leader Card has a unique card image, with all three of the Pilaf Gang together. It has a skill that lets you place 3 Battle Cards in your Drop Area to give a red Unison Card [Triple Attack]. Play Pilaf, Mai, and Shu, attack with all of them, then send them to the Drop Area to go for a game ender!

And of course, {BT10-003 Vegito, Unison of Might} has skills that will let you play the Pilaf Gang very easily.

It's also worth paying attention whenever any new red Unison Cards come out, since they all work with this Leader Card.

Next up, we've got blue, focusing on the Future Trunks Saga from Dragon Ball Super. This time around, blue is all about making [Union-Potara] plays with Battle Cards in your energy.

Future Trunks Saga

Vegito, the ultimate fusion warrior, has achieved Super Saiyan Blue. And he's on a mission with Trunks to take down Zamasu!

By playing or attacking with this fusion powerhouse, you force your opponent to get rid of 2 cards in their hand. That means you can tear 4 cards out of your opponent’s hand the turn you play him.

On its own, it might seem difficult to play this card, but hold that thought...

With this, you can use Son Goku and Vegeta cards in your energy for [Union-Potara] materials, making it that much easier to fulfill the EX-Evolve requirements of {BT10-045 Vegito, Paralyzing Prowess}. Using this skill to play Vegito makes you lose out on 2 energy, but with this Leader Card? You'll have a perfect way around that!

The skills on the Trunks Leader Card define the deck. Whenever you would add a card from your life to your deck or place it in your Drop Area, you reveal it and add it to your hand instead. This effectively negates any [Critical]-fueled attacks your opponent makes! This also allows you to use the skills of {BT10-036 SSB Son Goku, Hope for Victory} and {BT10-040 SSB Vegeta, Blaze of Passion}.

This Goku and Vegeta combo can be used as temporary energy when they're added to your hand from your life. This means you can use them as [Union-Potara] materials to bring out your {BT10-045 SSB Vegito, Paralyzing Prowess} without losing energy!

We may only be going over Trunks here, but Series 10 has plenty of other unique blue cards for you to try out!

Next up is green, set in the Frieza Saga from Dragon Ball Z.

Frieza Saga

Green has two Leader Cards this time: Son Goku and Captain Ginyu. Goku's deck is designed around replicating his transformation into a Super Saiyan, while Ginyu is all about playing tons of Ginyu Force cards. Both were designed to try and replicate famous scenes from the source material. Let's start with a look at the Son Goku deck!

First up is the Goku deck, which is focused on the father/son combo of Goku and Bardock. Here’s the Leader Card.

This card has an [Awaken] skill to flip over, but also has an [Auto] skill you can use to do the same thing. The skill was made to recreate the scene of Goku exploding into anger over the death of his ally and transforming into the legendary Super Saiyan for the first time.

Once transformed, Super Saiyan Goku's skill will cost you 2 life. However, it can obliterate almost any enemy that stands in his way. And since it’s an [Activate : Main/Battle] skill, you can use it after your opponent combos from their hand, forcing them to waste resources. But be careful. In his rage, Goku will take out all of your Battle Cards as well.

Now let's look at the Unison Card to go with this Leader. The Goku Leader needs your Battle Cards to get KO'd in order to flip over. The [+1] skill on this Unison Card lets you make that play happen in the early game if you need it to. We hope players will enjoy using this father/son tag team in DBSCG!

This powerhouse can't be removed from your Battle Area by skills, so once you get him out, he's sure to put in some work. Your Leader's skills can stop your opponent from making low energy plays, too. To get this card's most powerful skill online, however, requires a 4-cost Son Goku card under it. You'll need to use the power of Son Gohan, Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin, and Piccolo to make it happen. {BT10-066 Intensive Training Son Goku} uses those cards to play {BT10-065 SS Son Goku, Pride of the Saiyans} straight from your deck!

Next up is yellow, focusing on the Shadow Dragon Saga from DBGT.

Shadow Dragon Saga

The Shadow Dragons and Mechikabura have finally arrived in DBSCG. The two leaders for Yellow are Syn Shenron and Gotenks. For now, let's look at the Syn Shenron deck, which is sure to make a splash with fans.

This devilish control deck features Syn Shenron, leader of the Shadow Dragons, and the ruler of the Dark Empire, Mechikabura.

Just like the anime, this deck focuses around evolving your Shadow Dragons through various forms. {BT10-115 Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate} has 30000 power, [Blocker] and [Revenge].
Whatever threats your opponent has, they’re toast!

This destructive dynamo also has a skill that negates the skills of any Battle Cards your opponent plays for a turn, slamming the brakes on [Double Strike] or [Dual Attack].

Next, let's look at Mechikabura's Unison Card.

Mechikabura is set up to steal control of your opponent's cards, just like he brainwashes characters in the source material. With [Blocker] and a skill that lets you switch your opponent's cards to Rest Mode when it loses a marker, you can stop your opponent from damaging you while stopping their next attack!

We'd expect nothing less from the leader of the Dark Empire.

Next, let’s take a look at the deck’s Leader Card and finisher.

This card has a terrifying skill that plays seven Shadow Dragon cards from your Drop Area. Not only that, it's an [Activate : Main] skill that you can use every turn, so long as you have the energy to do so.

Use {BT10-115 Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate} and {BT10-096 Mechikabura, Plotting Revival} to stall the board, then unleash a barrage of Shadow Dragon might! Your opponents won’t know what hit them.

UW01 has Syn Shenron and Haze Shenron making their long-awaited arrivals, but the rest of the Shadow Dragons won't be far behind in later releases in the Unison Warrior Series! We hope you're looking forward to them!

Black is next, and it focuses on the Dark Empire Saga from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

We're going to take a look at a few cards that power up all of the other colors.

Power-Up Cards

This Bardock has [Double Strike], along with a useful skill that switches him back to Active Mode if your opponent uses a [Counter] skill. You don't have to worry about this card's attack getting negated, because he'll just get to swing at your opponent again!

This Gravy card is great for defensive strategies. Not only does it have [Blocker], but when it leaves your Battle Area, you get to switch 1 energy to Active Mode. Obviously, this works well in blue decks, but you can also combine it with {EX07-11 Demigra, Demonic Overlord} from the Magnificent Collection to play it in a Demigra or Towa deck.

Last up are the multicolor cards. Though fewer in number compared to the multicolor blocks of yore, what’s here is sure to help fan-favorite strategies.

Support for Past Archetypes

Let's have a look at some new [Invoker] and [Successor] support.

This Red/Blue Goku card nets you two Red/Blue Extra Cards from your Warp, while allowing you to play a multicolor Son Goku like {BT9-104 Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Energy Explosion} much earlier than you normally would. Perfect for [Invoker] decks.

[BT10-150 Cell, the Dark Parasite} can be played for free if your Leader Card is a Cell card, making it a great card for [Successor] strategies. And with an energy cost of 9, you can use it to play {BT9-113 Cell, Unthinkable Perfection} with a single card.

So, what do you guys think? There's a whole world of new cards waiting for all of you out there. And we've still got some Secret Rares to reveal, so we hope you're all excited to see what's in store!

We’re doing everything we can to bring you the best card game possible, despite the difficult ongoing situation for all of us.

Stay safe, and we’ll see you in the next update.

May 29, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team