About the Recent Errata and Rule Changes


The recent, sudden announcement of card errata and changes to the core rules has caused some surprise and consternation within the community. We’d like to sincerely apologize for any confusion and concern this may have caused, and go into more detail on our reasons for making the changes.

Errata 1: Super Combo

Cards like {BT1-010 Divine Aide Vados} have been changed to have [Super Combo]. These cards were originally given their extremely powerful and cost-efficient skills to make combos—a key part of the game—more fun and exciting, earning them a place in just about any deck.  

However, as more cards are introduced into the game from different series, an issue arises. If you want to build a deck themed around Dragon Ball GT, but have to include {Divine Aide Vados} due to its versatility and power, the end result is less freedom to enjoy the characters you like.  

To fix this, we decided to create new cards with similar skills to cards like {Divine Aide Vados}. This raised another issue: decks running 10 or more copies of these extremely powerful cards, limiting deck diversity and design space.  

To fix this issue while still allowing more characters to have {Divine Aide Vados}’s powerful skillset, we decided to create [Super Combo], which will be included on all cards going forward with this design, and retroactively added to the cards that originated it.

2018.2.2 [GALACTIC BATTLE] BT1-010 Divine Aide Vados

Card No.:BT1-010

Card Name: Divine Aide Vados


Card Errata

Did not have the [Super Combo] keyword, introduced in series 3.


Now considered to have [Super Combo](You can only include up to 4 cards with [Super Combo] in your deck)

Errata Notes

Following the release of series 3 on March 9th, this card will be considered to have the errata card text.

Errata 2: {BT2-022 Mind Controlling Babidi}

Combining {BT2-022 Mind Controlling Babidi} and {SD2-05 Chain Attack Trunks} allows for extremely powerful plays between turn 2-4 that can see multiple strong red Battle Cards entering the Battle Area for free.

Though we weren’t able to replicate these plays every game, additional testing with the combination of cards described above resulted in an environment dominated by decks running the strategy. After much consideration, we chose to make changes to {BT2-022 Mind Controlling Babidi} instead of banning it outright.

*We also considered making changes to {SD2-05 Chain Attack Trunks}, but because the card is included in a starter deck intended for beginners, we ultimately decided that changing Babidi was the less confusing choice.

2018.2.16 [UNION FORCE] BT2-022 Mind Controlling Babidi

Card No:BT2-022

Card Name:Mind Controlling Babidi


Card Errata

【Auto】 When you play this card ,


【Auto】 If you have 6 or more red energy, when you play this card,

Errata Notes

3/9 The errata will be issued from the release of series 3.

Errata 3: {BT3-044 Thinks He’s the Best Hercule}

This card was intended to allow you to place two cards from your Energy Area to the bottom of your deck, and place two cards from the top of your deck in your Energy Area—if and only if your leader is <Majin Buu>. Working as intended, the card is supposed to swap out cards from your energy, replacing them with cards from the top of your deck.  

However, because of a mistake in the way the text was formatted, players who don’t have <Majin Buu> as their Leader get to ignore the first part of the card (which places cards on the bottom of the deck), and—due to a quirk in the way rules processing works—only get the second half of the effect, which adds two cards to their energy. Extremely powerful, and entirely unintended. For this reason, we’ve made a minor alteration to the text to reflect the original intent of the card.

2018.2.16 [CROSS WORLDS] BT3-044 Thinks He’s the best Hercule

Card No:BT3-044

Card Name:Thinks He’s the best Hercule


Card Errata

place them at the bottom of your deck in any order. Then, take the top 2 cards of your deck and add them to your energy.


place them at the bottom of your deck in any order, then take the top 2 cards of your deck and add them to your energy.

Errata Notes

Hercule’s skill only activates when your Leader Card is Buu.
Read as the errata when playing.

Core Rule Changes

① Effect inheritance when playing cards on top of other cards.

Before: When playing a card on top of another card using skills like [Evolve], the card inherits all effects on the card it’s being played on top of. After: When playing a card on top of another card using skills like [Evolve], the only effects that are inherited from the card it’s being played on top of are effects that alter power.

Some of the most frequently asked questions from series 2 onward concerned how effects were inherited when playing cards on top of other cards using [Evolve] and [Union] skills. We felt this rules interaction was a little too complicated, and with more skills being introduced that allow players to place cards on top of other cards, it was only going to get more complicated going forward. For this reason, we decided to make these rules change to simplify things for series 3, which includes [EX-Evolve], along with a few other similarly powerful [Evolve]-esque skills.

② Effect inheritance when cards flip from front to back.

Before: When a card flips from front to back due to [Awaken], it inherits all effects on the front-side version of the card. After: When a card flips from front to back due to [Awaken], it only inherits effects that alter power from the front-side version of the card.

Though there was nothing particularly complicated about the way this originally worked, we thought it was unnecessarily confusing to have effect inheritance work one way when placing cards on top of each other, and another way when flipping them over, so we standardized it.

We’ve posted some more explanations on the Q&A section explaining how {BT1-107 Cold Bloodlust} and {BT1-110 Crusher Ball} interact with [Counter: Play] skills, and to clarify things even further, we’ve also created a flowchart to explain how the cards interact with each other, step by step. We hope it will answer any questions you have about how the cards interact.

  • Example when playing the Battle Card and the Extra Card from hand.
  • Example when playing a Battle Card by the Extra Card’s skill.
  • Example when playing a Battle Card by the Battle Card’s skill.

We also want to reiterate that the team is doing everything in its power to ensure that these kind of major rule changes and errata are a rarity.

Any future rules changes will be communicated to the community well in advance, in a manner that is as easy-to-understand as possible.

The team is putting all of its effort into ensuring that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game remains fun and balanced going forward.

March 2nd, 2018
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team