Let’s take a look at a few Green cards from series 4!
Green in series 4 is mostly focused on Namekians and Lord Slug Saga!!

green Master the new keyword [Bond]!

For details on how to use Bond,

check out the green starter page!

~The Guardian of Namekians~ is here!!

Piccolo, Kami’s Successor

The perfect leader for a Namekian deck!

He gains Critical when Bond is active, so assemble a Namekian squad and go for the win!

Lord Slug, Gigantified

Once Lord Slug gets big, he gains a powerful skill that wrecks your opponent’s hand!
Awaken him quickly to whittle away your opponent’s options!

Nail, the Namekian Ace

Play a 1-cost Namekian on turn 1 to quickly get Nail’s skill up and running and start drawing a card with every attack!

Reign of Terror King Piccolo

With both Dual Attack and a skill that lets you trade him in for a new card, King Piccolo is a versatile attacker that opens up your mid-game options!

(Also, this is kind of a secret, but he has amazing synergy with an SR we haven’t revealed yet. Stay tuned!)

Lord Slug, Young Again

This set features many green 《Slug’s Army》 cards as well, which all work together.

And like King Piccolo, this card also has incredible synergy with a soon-to-be-revealed SR!

Planet Namek

Bond requires you to have a lot of Battle Cards on the board; Planet Namek helps you get Namekians on the board and keep them there!

Green features cards from Namekians and Lord Slug Saga!

Go on rampage with all the devastating green skills!!

Power up with 
More new green cards from series 4 !

The card list is here!!