BOOSTER PACKThe Tournament Of Power

Let’s take a look at a few yellow cards from TB01!
Yellow in The Tournament of Power is mostly focused on Universe 3 and Universe 11!!

Jiren, The Ultimate Warrior

This card switches 2 of your Universe 11 cards to Active Mode!
A great card to team up with the new SR Jiren!
Stay tuned for details!

Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant

Yellow is a tricky color… and so is [Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant]!
Discard Universe 7 cards to draw 2 cards and tamper your opponents Battle Cards with his unique skills!

Ally of Justice Toppo

Call upon other Pride Troopers with Toppo!
A great addition to a Jiren Leader deck!

Hero Combination Kettol

Another good card with Toppo!
He has Barrier, allowing you to safely buff him up before attacking!

Coldhearted Strike Frieza

Barrier means nothing against this Frieza!
Switch him to Rest Mode to combo off with various yellow cards!

Cyborg Warrior Nigrisshi

Nigrisshi is an useful card which can switch your Opponent’s cards to Rest Mode once per turn!

Universe 7 Representative

This Extra Card actually has the <<Universe 7>> trait!!
You can even include it in the new Green Goku Leader deck!

Yellow features cards from Universe 11 and 3!

Go on rampage with all the devastating yellow skills!!

Power up with more new red cards from Themed Booster 01!!

The card list is here!!