Series 2 Introducing New Decks SSB Vegito

Deck List

Card No. Card Name Type Rarity Color / Count
[Leader Card]
BT2-001 Vegito Leader Rare Red x1
Total: 1 cards
Card No. Card Name Type Rarity Color / Count
[Main Deck]
BT1-033 Kind Saiyan Son Goku Battle Common Blue x4
BT1-010 Divine Aide Vados Battle Common Red x4
BT1-037 Assailant Vegeta Battle Uncommon Blue x3
BT1-065 Furious Yell Vegeta Battle Uncommon Green x4
BT1-066 Tenacious Vegeta Battle Common Green x4
BT2-005 Super Saiyan Son Goku Battle Common Red x4
BT2-010 Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Battle Common Red x4
BT2-012 Repeated Force Vegito Battle Super Rare Red x4
BT2-013 Lightning Speed Vegito Battle Rare Red x4
BT2-030 Potara, The Kai’s Secret Extra Uncommon Red x4
BT2-037 Determined Striker SSB Son Goku Battle Rare Blue x2
BT2-072 Bundle of Curiosity Son Goku Battle Common Green x4
BT2-076 Full Power Vegeta Battle Rare Green x4
BT2-123 Ultimate Force SSB Vegito Battle Secret Blue x1
Total: 50 cards

Deck explanation

When playing this deck, you want to get {BT2-012{Repeated Force Vegito} into play early to quickly reduce your opponent’s life.
The deck is full of <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards from multiple colors to help make playing Vegito easier.

If he has absorbed {BT2-006 Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan}, he’s super powerful!

Detailed actions
①<Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards

Play <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards and establish a board position that allows you to play Vegito.
Aim to have at least one <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> card in play by turn 3 to allow you to quickly play Vegito.

BT1-033 Kind Saiyan Son Goku

BT1-033{Kind Saiyan Son Goku} pairs well with BT2-001{Vegito}’s skill, allowing you to add any <Son Goku> card you want to your hand.
It only costs 1 energy, so try to keep it in your hand when you’re doing re-draws at the beginning of the game.

BT2-010 Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta

Double Shot Vegeta can be played after being used in a combo for 1 energy and has 15000 power, making it difficult to KO during the early game and an excellent choice for attacking your opponent’s Leader

②Play Vegito and attack for big damage!

Use the <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards you played early on to rush BT2-013{Lightning Speed Vegito} into play.
After attacking with it, evolve BT2-013{Lightning Speed Vegito} into BT2-012{Repeated Force Vegito} to quickly reduce the opponent’s life.

BT2-013 Lightning Speed Vegito

BT2-012{Repeated Force Vegito} can attack Active Mode Battle Cards, making it easy to get around cards with [Blocker] and difficult for your opponent to defend against.
[Union-Potara] allows you to play it in Active Mode even if the cards you play it on top of are in Rest Mode.
Attack with your Battle Cards, then use [Union-Potara] to get Vegito into play in Active Mode!

BT2-012 Repeated Force Vegito

Behold this deck’s ace in the hole, capable of exceeding 100,000 power with enough <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards in your drop area.
Even better, BT2-013{Lightning Speed Vegito}’s skill dumps cards in your Drop Area; you’ll probably be able to attack with over 50,000 power straight away.
Use this card’s unstoppable power to overwhelm your opponent.

Techniques for victory
BT2-030 Potara, The Kai's Secret

Against green decks and decks with Beerus as their leader, you’ll have a hard time activating [Union-Potara].
If your opponent has lots of ways to KO your Battle Cards, hold back on playing <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> cards and aim to get Vegito into play via BT2-030{Potara, The Kai’s Secret}.

BT2-123 Ultimate Force SSB Vegito

Also try to get BT2-123{Ultimate Force SSB Vegito}, the deck’s most powerful card, into play.
With both [Triple Strike] and [Triple Attack], this card dominates in just about any situation imaginable, and can deal up to 9 damage all by itself. You can only include one copy in your deck, so try not to use it as energy if you’re lucky enough to draw it during a game.