BOOSTER PACKWorld Martial Arts Tournament

Let’s take a look at a few blue & black cards from TB02!
Blue in TB02 is mostly focused on the 28th World Tournament!!
And Black in TB02 is focused on the Announcer!!

Blue & Black
Uub, Unknowing Power

Uub arrives as a versatile Leader Card with a skill that lets you bounce your opponent’s Battle Cards to their hand!

Test of Strength Son Goku/Test of Strength Uub

Playing Goku gets Uub in play for free for a truly powerful early game combo!
Establish your board position and sweep away your opponent’s in one fell swoop!

Begrudging Respect Vegeta/Begrudging Respect Vegeta

Piccolo shuts down energy ramp decks, while Vegeta disrupts your opponent’s hand for a staggering one-two punch!

Announcer, Referee Veteran

Everyone’s favorite announcer makes his Dragon Ball Super Card Game debut!
His skill allows you to play any World Tournament cards you like!

Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro

A powerful counter card that can also replenish your hand!

World Tournament Arena

An Announcer-exclusive Extra Card that powers up your World Tournament fighters!

Blue features cards from the 28th World Tournament, while Black makes the Announcer a force to be reckoned with!

Build a deck with both and become the World Tournament champion!

Power up with more new blue & black cards from TB02!


The card list is here!!


The card list is here!!