BOOSTER PACKWorld Martial Arts Tournament

Let’s take a look at a few green cards from TB 02!
Green in TB02 is mostly focused on The 23rd World Tournament!!

Sharpened Power Son Goku

This green Goku leader switches to Active Mode after KOing a Battle Card, making him a superb attacker!

Fateful Reunion Son Goku/Fateful Reunion Chi-Chi

This fun scene features Chi-Chi and Goku’s long-awaited reunion!
Leave Chi-Chi on standby, and have Goku go on the attack!

Tien Shinhan, Trading Moves/Mercenary Tao, Trading Moves

This pairing gives you repeated attacks, plus Double Strike to boot!

Trusting Relationship Popo/Trusting Relationship Kami

Pop and Kami work together to provide a rock-solid defense during the early game!

Honed Moves Yamcha

This Yamcha has Critical, and can also chew up your opponent’s hand!

Feet Kamehameha

A legendary moment from Dragon Ball history returns, giving your Goku leaders a two-footed power boost!

Green features cards from the 23rd World Tournament!

Go on rampage with all the devastating green skills!

Power up with More new green cards from TB02!

The card list is here!!