BOOSTER PACKThemed Booster 02

World Martial Arts Tournament

Product Roundup!

Themed booster 02 of the DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME went on sale Sep. 21!!

World Martial Arts Tournament

Part 1 :
4 packs in Themed 02
Booster Pack

218 cards in total!

Release date

September 21,2018




1 Booster pack contains 12 cards each.
1Box contains 24booster packs


Total 125 cards
30 Commons(normal or foil.ver)/
18 Uncommons(normal or foil.ver)/
12 Rares / 8 Super Rares /
8 Special Rares / 1 Secret Rare

Part 2 :
The most exciting tournament of the world is finally here!
The 21st, 22nd World Tournament -The Legends Start Here!
The 23rd World Tournament -Duel of Fate Reimagined!!
The 25rd World Tournament -Malicious Schemes Lurk in the Shadows!
The 28th World Tournament-The Never-Ending History of Battle Continues!
Of course! The Announcer is here!!
Part 3 :
Check out the all new Link Cards featuring correlating illustrations and skills

Pair them up to unleash their full potential!

Collect them all!!

Part 4 :
Powerful 8 SR,SPR Cards!

218 cards in total!

Part 5 :
The Secret Rare is Son Goku and Uub!

Get your hands on the rarest cards of all !

It’ll be a must-have for your “World Tournament” Deck!

Ready... Fight!!

Battles Rage On!

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  • See the card list!!