BOOSTER PACKWorld Martial Arts Tournament

Let’s take a look at a few red cards from TB02!
Red in TB02is mostly focused on the 25th World Tournament!!

Bundle of Confidence Hercule

Hercule’s powerful Activate:Battle skill allows you to draw cards during both your turn and your opponent’s!
Just what you’d expect from the world’s strongest fighter!

Tiny Rivals Trunks/Tiny Rivals Son Goten

They may be small, but these two pack a serious punch, gaining Double Strike and Critical when in play together!

Secret Treaty Hercule/Secret Treaty Android 18

A powerful support duo that provides an efficient card-drawing engine!

Heroic Duo Videl/Heroic Duo Son Gohan

This heroic duo can arrive on the scene at counter-speed to save the day!

Dark Duo Babidi/Dark Duo Dabura

This evil pairing can wreck your opponent’s hand and switch your Battle Cards to Active Mode!

Babidi's Spaceship

Use this card to assemble Babidi’s minions and seize the advantage in the early game!

Red focuses on warriors from the 25th World Tournament!

Choose your own theme and build your own ultimate deck!

Power up with more new red cards fromTB02!!

The card list is here!!