BOOSTER PACKWorld Martial Arts Tournament

Let’s take a look at a few yellow cards from TB02!
Yellow in TB02 is mostly focused
on the 21st, 22nd World Tournament!!

Jackie Chun, the Mysterious Fighter

Jackie Chun is here to knock your opponent’s Rest Mode Battle Cards out of the tournament

Toughened Up Chiaotzu/Toughened Up Krillin

This low-cost pair is perfect for the early game!

Unending Moves Tien Shinhan/Unending Moves Yamcha

Keep your opponent in check, then move in for the kill!
Carefully use these cards in tandem to sway the tide of battle in your favor!

Master Roshi, Martial Meister/Master Shen, Martial Meister

This wizened pair boasts barrier, giving you plenty of opportunities to use their skills free of interference!

Doublechop Nam

A powerful attacker capable of clearing out your opponent’s Rest Mode Battle Cards all by himself, Nam gets even stronger with a yellow leader!

I'm the World Champion!

A legendary scene, recreated!
Fulfill the conditions to draw 2 cards for 1 energy, and you’ll feel like a champion too!

Yellow features cards from the 21st, 22nd World Tournament!

Go on rampage with all the devastating yellow skills!

Power up with More new yellow cards from TB02!

The card list is here!!