BCC App service has ended.

The BCC App supports players and the tournaments they participate in!
Join in and race for the top of the point rankings!


Download here and join the point rankings!!
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    *iPhone only.

BCC App Functions

Linking with GPS makes it easier and more convenient to search for a store! You can also check how many players are thinking about participating in tournaments at that store!


Searching for tournaments has never been easier! Check which tournaments are held at a store, or search by tournament type. Select a tournament to go to, and it’ll be added to your My Schedule page, allowing you to see them all in a list. You can even have it reminds you before the big day of a tournament!

*”Current Applicants” does not display the actual amount of people participating the tournament.
It is simply the number of players who have expressed their desire to participate

Tournament Search

Participate in tournaments to get points!

*As of November 2018, the only tournaments you can get points from are Series 5 Tournaments. Points will not be distributed for BCC Battles or other tournaments.

Point Rankings

Get points based on how you place in a tournament.
Collect points, and aim for the top of the rankings!

Rankings are split into monthly, seasonal, state, and US rankings. You can check any of them at any time!

Aim to Become Season Champion!

Unlock titles and avatar images by meeting certain conditions!

Title Showcase


Unlock Conditions
Store Champion
Scan the points you receive for a 1st place finish at a store tournament.
Earn over 50 points total.
US Monthly Top 100
Place in the top 100 of the US monthly ranking.

Play in events to earn awe-inspiring titles and avatar images!

Who will reign supreme in the point rankings?

  • *Point rankings cards distributed at series tournaments before the release of Series 7 (such as for Destroyer Kings) are unable to be registered as of July 1, 2019. From now on, please confirm your BCC ID with your local game store, and points will be added to your account automatically after your local game store properly submits tournament reports.

*As of May 2019, the BCC App is set to release only in the US and Canada. We plan on releasing it in other territories at a later date.

Mobile App

Download here and join the point rankings!!
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  • App Store

    *iPhone only.

*This app can be downloaded in the limited areas.