Hey, everybody!

We’ve got an update planned for the BCC App on July 1st.

The main changes in the update are as follows:

1. Points from Store Tournaments will be given automatically!

  • - Starting in July, you will no longer have to read QR codes to get your points. If you want to check which tournaments will get you points, check the event pages on the official website.
  • - Points will only be distributed through tournaments.
  • - Exceptions will not be made, even for the following circumstances.
    • ● A store forgetting to turn in a tournament report.
    • ● Participating in a tournament under the wrong BCC ID.
    • ● Forgetting to give your BCC ID when applying for a tournament.

2. The Canadian Rankings will open!

  • - We apologize for the wait, Canadian players!
  • - The ranking system will start up on July 1st.
  • - There will be rankings for each Providence and a monthly ranking as well. Top players will get special titles and avatars. Make sure to participate in tournaments to get your hands on them! You can download the BCC App from the link below.
  • Google play
  • App Store

    *iPhone only.

3. We will be holding tournaments limited to high-ranking players on the app!

  • - We will be inviting top players from the August rankings to an exclusive high-ranking tournament! We will post more details soon on the official website.
    • ● We currently plan on having this tournament on the same date and venue as the North American finals.
    • ● The high-ranking tournament will be a one-day tournament.

We plan on pushing the Budokai Card Club even further so players can get more out of it! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please consider doing so. There are plenty of useful things you can do with it, like searching for nearby DBSCG tournaments!

June 14th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team