BT19-140_PR Reward Card Exchange Notice

Thank you for all your support of Dragon Ball Super Card Game Masters.
Extra copies of the card BT19-140_PR that was in the “Championship 2023 Reward Card Pack” that you could trade reward cards for at “Dragon Ball Super Card Game CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Final Championship” were printed by mistake.
As such the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team is offering to exchange this extra BT19-140_PR to those with extra Reward Cards left.
If you wish to make an exchange, please bring the Reward Card to a “Dragon Ball Super Card Game Masters CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 Offline Regionals Wave 1 or Wave 2” event near you and let the event staff know you wish to make the exchange. They will have some BT19-140_PR cards to be traded for at the event.

We are dedicated to developing a game that Dragon Ball fans and card game fans alike can enjoy. Thank you for your continued support of DBSCG.

April 12th, 2024
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team