Dev Team Column – UW5 Super 17 Deck Showcase(Jul. 21st)

Greetings, DBSCG fans! At long last, the Super 17 SCR has been revealed for all the world to see!
{BT14-154 Super 17, Sibling Absorbed} depicts Super 17 after he absorbs Android 18. He’s an immensely powerful character, and we felt it only fitting to make him an Ultimate.

To give you a few ideas for how best to use {BT14-154 Super 17, Sibling Absorbed}, here’s a UW5 Super 17 deck showcase!

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT14-092 Yellow Super 17, Emissary of Hell LEADER UC 1
BT14-094 Yellow Android 20 & Dr. Myuu, Hellish Accomplices UNISON SR 4
BT14-107 Yellow Android 17, Conceding to Union BATTLE UC 4
BT14-108 Yellow Android 17, Mechanical Charity BATTLE C 4
BT14-109 Yellow Android 17, Thwarting the Enemy BATTLE R 3
BT14-110 Yellow Hell Fighter 17, Conceding to Union BATTLE UC 4
BT14-111 Yellow Hell Fighter 17, Mechanical Charity BATTLE C 4
BT14-112 Yellow Super 17, Powers Combined BATTLE R 4
BT14-113 Yellow Super 17, Hellish Amalgamation BATTLE UC 4
BT14-114 Yellow Super 17, Prepping for Union BATTLE C 4
BT14-154 Yellow Super 17, Sibling Absorbed BATTLE SCR 1
P-331 Yellow Mecha Frieza, Robotic Riposte BATTLE PR 2
DB2-108 Yellow Bergamo, Ferocious Roar BATTLE SR 1
BT13-120 Yellow The Power of a Super Saiyan EXTRA SR 4
BT14-116 Yellow Opening the Gates of Hell EXTRA SR 3
BT14-119 Yellow Awakened Attack EXTRA UC 4


  • 1. Deck Concept
  • 2. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck goals
  •  -b. Early game
  •  -c. Mid game
  •  -d. Defensive cards
  • 3. Synergistic picks
  • 4. In Closing
1. Deck concept

This is a mid-range deck with a focus on [Union-Absorb], [Evolve], and [Spirit Boost]. Many cards reference the number of cards beneath Super 17, giving this deck a unique playstyle. Using [Evolve] and other mechanics to send more cards under Super 17 is the key to victory.

2. Deck overview

a. Deck goals

After continuously using [Evolve], Super 17 arrives at the height of his powers. This Super 17 switches himself and your Leader Card to Active Mode, and also powers up based on the total energy costs of the cards placed under it. Even better, the Super 17 Leader can place cards under your <Super 17> cards, giving you a leg up as you prepare to [Evolve].

b. Early game

Use the [Union-Absorb] skills on {BT14-107 Android 17, Conceding to Union} and {BT14-110 Hell Fighter 17, Conceding to Union} to play {BT14-114 Super 17, Prepping for Union}. {BT14-114 Super 17, Prepping for Union}’s activate skill helps get you the cards you need for [Union-Absorb] while searching out finishers. If your starting hand doesn’t have the three cards listed above, try to mulligan for them.

c. Mid game

Starting on turn 2, play {BT14-094 Android 20 & Dr. Myuu, Hellish Accomplices} and awaken your Leader. {BT14-094 Android 20 & Dr. Myuu, Hellish Accomplices} is a powerful Union Card with a draw-and-discard skill, and it also gains a marker every time you activate an [Evolve] or [Union] skill—something this deck has no trouble pulling off. Once you have markers built up, use [Spirit Boost] for a big payoff.
If you have {BT14-114 Super 17, Prepping for Union} in play, try getting {BT14-113 Super 17, Hellish Amalgamation} on the board with [Evolve]. This is a fantastic counter to removal-heavy green decks—it can absorb an opponent’s Battle Card on play, and if your opponent tries to KO it with a skill, it replaces itself with a 3-cost <Super 17> card like {BT14-114 Super 17, Prepping for Union}. Once you get this card in play, it’s a straight shot to your finisher: {BT13-112 Super 17, Powers Combined}. Keeping multiple copies of {BT14-113 Super 17, Hellish Amalgamation} in your starting hand should leave you feeling very comfortable against removal-heavy decks.

d. Defensive Cards

{BT14-116 Opening the Gates of Hell} is a new yellow counter card that can seriously shut down your opponent’s attempts to get pressure going. It’s easy to keep your markers topped off on {BT14-094 Android 20 & Dr. Myuu, Hellish Accomplices}, trivializing this card’s [Spirit Boost 1] requirement.

3. Synergistic picks

・BT10-095 SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison

This deck has more than a few cards with [Spirit Boost], making 2-cost Unisons that can build markers easily essential. {BT10-095 SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison} gains a marker every time your opponent uses an Extra Card, and can also power up your Leader. If you want to use more Unison Cards in your deck, this is a great choice to start with.

・P-327 Super 17, Relentless Absorption and BT9-117 Super 17, Hell's Storm Unleashed

{P-327 Super 17, Relentless Absorption} is a card from Tournament Pack 5 that can absorb Cell cards to play a Super 17 card. {BT9-117 Super 17, Hell's Storm Unleashed} in particular is a fearsome choice that sets your opponent to 4 life, making it a great counterpick against control decks that prefer to maintain a steady life total.

4. In Closing

Well, what did you think?
There are plenty of other cards that can slot right into the Super 17 deck, so check out the card list and get brewing!
The next column is planned for July 30th. See you then!

July 21, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team