Dev Team Column – UW5 Son Gohan Deck Showcase

Greetings, DBSCG fans!
The Son Goku & Frieza SCR has been revealed—{BT14-152 SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion}! This card recreates the teamwork between Son Goku and Frieza at the end of the Universe Survival Saga, and we hope all of you get a chance to experience their ultimate power for yourselves!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a UW5 Son Gohan deck featuring {BT14-152 SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion}!

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT14-001 Red Son Gohan, the Power of Duty LEADER UC 1
BT14-003 Red Frieza, Unlikely Savior UNISON UC 4
BT10-008 Red Yamcha, Merciless Barrage BATTLE SR 2
BT11-005 Red Raditz, Saiyan Youth BATTLE R 4
BT14-005 Red Son Goku, Divine Presence BATTLE SR 4
BT14-006 Red Super Saiyan Son Goku BATTLE C 4
BT14-007 Red Son Gohan, Ultimate Essence BATTLE SR 4
BT14-008 Red Piccolo BATTLE C 4
BT14-009 Red Krillin, Universe 7 Challenger BATTLE C 2
BT14-012 Red Android 17, Universe 7 Challenger BATTLE UC 4
BT14-013 Red Android 18, Universe 7 Challenger BATTLE R 4
BT14-152 Red SS Son Goku & Frieza, Miraculous Conclusion BATTLE SCR 1
TB2-012 Red Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai BATTLE UC 1
SD15-04 Red Surprise Attack Son Gohan BATTLE ST 2
SD15-05 Red Surprise Attack SSB Vegeta BATTLE ST 2
P-261 Black SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate BATTLE PR 1
BT11-030 Red Violent Rays EXTRA SR 3
BT13-030 Red King Vegeta's Imposing Presence EXTRA SR 3
BT14-029 Red Difference of Status EXTRA SR 3


  • 1. Deck Concept
  • 2. Deck Overview
  •  -a. Deck goals
  •  -b. Early game
  •  -c. Mid game
  •  -d. Defensive cards
  • 3. Synergistic picks
  • 4. In Closing
1. Deck concept

This is a midrange deck focused around skill-less Battle Cards and combos. It builds advantage with skills that activate every time you combo with skill-less Battle Cards, granting power boosts to ensure you always have the edge in combat. Many skill-less cards also help to serve as support cards, giving you plenty of options for customizing the deck to your needs.

2. Deck overview

a. Deck goals

This card is your main attacker, fueling the deck’s early game while building advantage. It adds a skill-less card to your hand every time it attacks, and can attack for up to 30000 power if you play your cards right. Even better, it can’t be removed from your Battle Area by skills during your turn—once it’s on the board, your opponent will just have to deal with it. Figuring out the most efficient way to get it into play should be a foremost concern.

b. Early game

Play {BT14-007 Son Gohan, Ultimate Essence} and {BT14-009 Krillin, Universe 7 Challenger}, and prepare for the mid-game.
This deck is focused on gaining advantage by using skill-less cards in combos, so make sure your lines of play use as many combos as possible.
Try to mulligan until you have the above cards in hand, or other cards that add skill-less cards to your hand early on.

c. Mid game

Play {BT14-003 Frieza, Unlikely Savior} on turn 2 and awaken your Leader.
{BT14-003 Frieza, Unlikely Savior} is a Unison Card with a unique skill that allows you to use a skill-less Universe 7 card in a combo every time your opponent attacks. Its combo skill also helps keep its markers intact, so your opponent’s going to have a difficult time getting it off the board.
Many cards in the deck activate when you use cards in combos—it’s all up to you to decide how best to use them.
Add skill-less cards during your attacks, combo with {BT14-012 Android 17, Universe 7 Challenger} and {BT14-013 Android 18, Universe 7 Challenger}, and place skill-less cards in your Drop Area to maintain advantage.

d. Defensive Cards

{BT14-029 Difference of Status} is a new red counter that allows you to flexibly power down your opponent’s Battle Cards. Use [Spirit Boost X] to reduce the power of an opponent’s Battle Card to 0, and you can remove your opponent’s attackers without spending energy.

3. Synergistic picks

・BT11-030 Violent Rays

Tournament Pack 5 includes a reprint of fan favorite {BT11-030 Violent Rays}—if you’ve been looking to pick up a copy, now’s your chance! Join a tournament at your local game store!

・BT13-012 SS Son Goku, the Legend Personified

{BT13-012 SS Son Goku, the Legend Personified} is an exceptional 1-cost attacker from UW04. It even draws a card on play!

・SD15-03 Son Goku, Spirit Boost Warrior

{SD15-03 Son Goku, Spirit Boost Warrior} is a great pick that permanently boosts your Leader’s power. If your opponent takes it down, you can easily replay it using [Spirit Boost], making it a persistent (and effective) threat in many matchups.

4. In Closing

Well, what did you think?
The cards we introduced today aren’t the only options available—check out the cardlist, and try brewing a deck to call your very own!
The next column is scheduled for August 13th. See you then!

August 6, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team