Simply Magnificent

Hello DBSCG Players!

Today we introduce you to the Magnificent Collection, on sale October 25th, 2019. This unique set has a powerful pre-constructed deck and some new cards as well, making it the perfect set for both new and current players alike.

Two editions of the Magnificent Collection will be on sale simultaneously: a Gogeta : Br deck and a Broly : Br deck. These pre-constructed decks are made with older cards, but each reprint features a special Magnificent Collection design. Also, the front sides of the Leader Cards are the same designs you know and love, while the backs feature brand new art!

Let’s take a peek at these new decks. First up is the Gogeta : Br deck.

This deck focuses on increasing your energy to play high-cost Battle Cards. At the beginning of the game, use the Leader Card’s skill to get 〈Son Goku : Br〉 and 〈Vegeta : Br〉 cards in your hand, then use [Union-Fusion] to play {P-108 Veku, Defective Fighter}. Once you have enough energy, play {BT5-038 Gogeta, Hero Revived} to thin your opponent’s hand and take control of the game! However, it’s worth noting that this Gogeta card can’t be fused with 〈Son Goku : Br〉 and 〈Vegeta : Br〉 cards, so you’ll have to pay its energy cost in order to play it.

Next, we have the Broly : Br deck.

This deck has you making smaller moves in response to your opponent, then hitting them with a game-ender when they least expect it! Use your Leader Card’s skill at the beginning of the game to add your life to your hand and [Awaken] early. Mid-game, use [Swap] on the Goku’s Lineage cards and {P-100 Broly, Demonic Intimidation} to deal some damage to your opponent. Then, during the endgame, use cards like {BT4-075 Height of Mastery Son Goku} to switch your opponent’s cards to Rest Mode, then attack twice with [Triple Strike]. If that’s not enough to finish off your opponent, use your Leader’s skill to switch that Goku back into Active Mode and seal the win!

Next, let’s look at the exciting new promotional cards Magnificent Collection offers. There are 18 in total, and you get two copies per set. Both decks have the same 18 cards in them, so buying one of each gets you a full playset!

Each set also features a foil card set with a random assortment of 5 of the new cards in foil!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new cards:

{EX07-06 Broly, Preparing for Battle}
Not only does this card KO one of your opponent’s Battle Cards when you play it, but it has an [Activate] skill that is very similar to [Swap]. You can use this card to play {P-111 Broly, Paralyzing Presence} and stop one of your opponent’s Battle Cards in their tracks! Then it pops back to your hand to power [Arrival] cards!

{EX08-01 Son Goten, Strong of Heart}
When you combo with this card, you can put a [Field] card in your Drop Area. Use this card’s skill to put {BT7-022 Dormant Legend} in your Drop Area, fulfilling the conditions for {BT7-115 Broly, Tragedy Foretold}!
Also, while you normally have to spend energy to combo with a multicolor card, Son Goten repays any energy you use to combo with him! He also activates [Arrival] with ease, making him a perfect go-to for your [Arrival] decks!

{EX08-04 SS Gogeta, All-Out Assault}
This card allows you to recover the resources you used for [Union-Fusion] when you play it, and is also a good answer to opponents who try to win by milling the cards out of your deck!
It also has a once-per-game effect at the end of the turn, allowing you to add two extra cards to your energy. Perfect for enabling {P-104 SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst}, letting you go for a game-ender if you’ve been ramping enough to meet its requirements!

{EX08-06 SS Broly, All-Out Assault}

This card gives you a strategic choice when you play it: either KO one of your opponent’s cards, or draw a card and switch one of their cards in Rest Mode. This effect goes off when it’s switched to Active Mode as well, making for a deadly pairing with {P-092 Broly, the Awakened Threat}! We hope you’ll try out all kinds of fun combinations with this one!

There are 14 other new cards for you to see, and we’ll be revealing the full card list soon!

We hope you’re looking forward to these powerful pre-constructed decks and the new cards in the Magnificent Collection!

September 27th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team