News on Upcoming DBSCG Products

Greetings, DBSCG fans! Are you all enjoying the new cards from Vermilion Bloodline?

We've got news today about upcoming DBSCG products. Take a look, and get ready to cook up some new decks!

Let’s start with a look at the product lineup for the rest of the year:

November 13, 2020

Draft Box 06 -Giant Force-

November 20, 2020

Expansion Set 14 -Battle Advanced-
Expansion Set 15 -Battle Enhanced-
These two expansion sets have 5 new cards each that support archetypes from UW01 and UW02.
These products also contain the first official DBSCG dice, perfect for your Unison cards!

Next up is a sneak peek at some products coming in 2021!

January, 2021

UW03 Booster/Premium Pack Set
Ultimate Deck
The Ultimate Deck is a pre-constructed deck strong enough to enter competitive events right out of the box. Not only that, but all 51 cards are silver foil—a feature highly requested on our questionnaires!

We recommend the Ultimate Deck for players who have been out of the DBSCG scene for a while, but want to get back into the swing of things...Or current players who want to dominate their opponent with an Ultimate Deck!

March, 2021

Battle Evolution Booster

Previously, Theme Boosters and Draft Boosters were released in addition to Main Boosters. Theme Boosters focused on recreating scenes from the source material, with a special twist: you could make entire decks using only the cards from a given Theme Booster.

Draft Boosters were designed to give players the best draft experience possible, while also including cards that could open up new deckbuilding possibilities in other formats.

Battle Evolution Boosters, on the other hand, are designed to help DBSCG players at all stages of play evolve their decks to the next level.

For beginners and returning players, we're including hard-to-find and sought-after reprints. Starter and Expert Deck exclusives and PR cards will also be included.

  • *Card foiling and rarities may differ from previous versions. Card foiling and designs are not finalized.

There are also four Super Rare cards being included as reprints with new illustrations. For now, here are two of those new designs!

  • *Card foiling and designs are not finalized.

The Battle Evolution Booster will have 125 cards total (not including holographic versions), with 57 reprints.

Established players will find a lot to love about the reprints, but there are plenty of new cards, too—68, to be exact!

For Super Rares, we've got a total of 16, with 12 being new cards and 4 being the reprints discussed above. We're making sure there are plenty of new cards for you to dig into!

Like Draft Boosters, the new cards in this set include many cards that will make meta decks stronger or improve existing archetypes.

And we haven't forgotten to include some new archetypes for players that want to make some brand new decks! You can use old cards from past sets to put together new theme decks, or use new cards to power up old favorites!

All of these cards are here to help your DBSCG collection evolve to the next level, no matter what kind of deck you want to make!

The set is still being designed, but we have a few new cards to reveal today. We think they’ll help drive home the idea of how this set works.

  • *Card designs not final.

So, what do you think?

With UW03, the Ultimate Deck, and the Battle Evolution Booster, there are tons of new cards for current players, returning players, and new players alike! We hope you guys are looking forward to them, and we can't wait to see what combinations you come up with!

We'll be revealing more new cards in the future, so keep checking back!

October 23, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team