Hello DBSCG MASTERS players!
In January’s DRAGON BALL GAMES BATTLE HOUR, champions from all over the world gathered to crown the strongest player in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
We give our deepest thanks to all of you who came out in person or watched the matches online. The matches were intense all the way through, and when a winner was decided, a cheer swept through the hall! We were sincerely impressed by the fighting spirit of the competitors.
All of the developers were very excited by the passion shown by players at the event!
We’ll do our best in the future to make DBSCG even more exciting.

In this letter, we’ll be introducing several ongoing changes made from Z07

First is the inclusion of Z-Unison cards.
Since the Zenkai series began, the Z-Deck has been expanded to include Z-Leader, Z-Battle, and Z-Extra cards. Now with Z07, Z-Unison joins their ranks.
Z-Unison carries the same properties as Unison cards, but like other Z-Cards, uses Z-Energy, for a powerful card that can be played from the Z-Deck with timing of the player’s choice.
By adjusting your count to activate its strong effects, these cards should bring a new degree of freedom to play. By using them with other Z-Cards and a variety of cards in general, the possibilities are endless!

With the addition of Z-Unions, we’ve increased the upper limit on cards in the Z-Deck from 7 to 10 cards. Especially regarding Z-Extras, having access to 10 cards may give you the chance to include cards you’ve passed on before, so I hope you’ll enjoy the deck building!

Next, I’d like to explain the intent behind several rule changes.
The first is the implementation of energy markers. Previously, DBSCG’s rules had given an advantage to the player who goes first. To soften this advantage, we let the second player draw and declare attack from their first turn, but as the card pool grew greater after Zenkai began, the second player’s disadvantage became statistically clearer to us.
To correct this tendency, we’ve implemented energy markers into Masters from Z07.
Energy markers are one-time use energy given to the second player at the start of the game, in the same color as their Leader. Once used, the markers are removed from the game.

Like tokens, as long as they can be differentiated from other cards, anything can be used as energy markers. For Fusion World, we had planned to use energy markers from the beginning in order to avoid the second player disadvantage, but we had also been considering their implementation into Masters. Based on the tests by the development team, use of energy markers in Masters created a positive effect that lessened the second player disadvantage.

Since we had been aware of the major influence this change would have on play, we waited until the start of the new championships for the timing to implement this change.
We’ll keep a close eye on the effect that energy markers have on this new environment.

Next comes the change to mulligans.
Previously, Masters players had been able to redraw a voluntary number of cards from their starting hands, but we’ve changed this redraw to be for the entire hand.
The previous method of redrawing selected cards caused an extremely high ability to recreate ideal conditions for the deck.

With the expansion of the card pool and addition of Z-Cards, with the Z-Deck being available for use at timing of the player’s choice, we decided that the ability to gather cards had reached its limit for gameplay. By raising the upper limit for the Z-Deck and adding energy markers, we expect possibilities for play variety each turn to increase, and thus we decided to switch to the highly balanced all-hand mulligan rules.

We’ve also adjusted various minor rulings and processing:

  • - If an effect that locks a value to a specific value and an effect that changes a value both activate at the same time, the effect that locks the value will take precedence.
  • - When performing multiple actions simultaneously, the actions are performed at the same time as if there are no time delays between the actions.
  • - Rules regarding changes to total costs due to increases/decreases to specified costs have been removed.
  • - Descriptions have been improved for immediate effects and continuous effects.
  • - Cards placed face-up in a Z-Deck are treated as being in an open area.
  • - Descriptions have been improved for replacement effects.
  • - Descriptions have been improved for processing violations when card play limits (for [Unique] skills, etc.) are exceeded.

We intend to continue providing players with a balanced play environment through our efforts in development and adjustment.
We’re putting great effort into researching what will make play the most enjoyable for you, so please let us hear our opinions through the survey.

Let’s all enjoy Z07 together!

March. 15th, 2024
DBSCG Development Team